Trunnion Ball Valve

Trunnion ball valves, bubble tight seal. Double block and bleed, self relieving seats. Design to API 6D and API 607.


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Key Specifications / Features

The trunnion ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a  fixed/supported ball to control flow through it. The trunnion ball valve is for shutt off purpose.


Design Features:

Reliable Operation and Low Torque

The seat rings are floating, free to move against the ball along the valve centerline. The trunnion / trunnion support together with bearings adsorb the side load created by the pressure acting on the ball. At low pressure, the seat tight sealing is ensured by the preload of the springs acting on the seat rings. Along with the pressure increasing, the process medium pressure pushes the seat rings against the ball to provide additional load for tight sealing.

The ball and stem are independent with each other to minimize the effect of the side thrust generated by the pressure acting on the ball.

The ball is fixed by trunnion for size 4” & smaller or trunnion support for size 6” & larger.



 Self Relieving Seats(Single Piston Effect Seats)

Medium pressure, both upstream and downstream, creates a resultant thrust to the seat rings against the ball to assure tight sealing; Medium pressure acting in the body cavity creates a resultant thrust to push the seat rings away from the ball.

The single piston design permits the automatic release of any over pressure in the body cavity when the valve is in the fully open or fully closed position.

Double Block and Bleed

When the ball is in the closed position, each seat seals off the process medium independently at the same time between the up/down stream and body cavity; it allows bleeding of the trapped cavity pressure (DBB) through drain or vent valve. The double block and bleed function makes it possible to flush the valve under pressure and verify that the seats are sealing properly.(Fig. 7)

Secondary Metal to Metal Seat

Standard seat design is primary soft seal, and secondary metal to metal seal. Seat insert is designed as pressed-in type which is easy for maintenance.(Fig. 1) Optional design with primary metal to metal seal and secondary soft seal seat design is also available upon request.(Fig. 2)

Fire Safe

  1. a) External leakage prevention

All the possible external leakage point between stem and gland flange, gland flange and body, body and adapter are sealed with primary O-ring then secondary graphite gasket. When fire burned out the primary O-ring seal, the secondary graphite gasket seal still can prevent the process medium from external leakage.(

  1. b) Internal leakage prevention

When fire burned out the primary O-ring seal between the floating seat ring and adapter, also the seat insert between seat ring and ball, the secondary graphite seal between seat ring and adapter, and seat ring & ball metal to metal contact preloaded by spring will minimize the internal process medium leakage. 

Emergency Sealant Injection System

Each valve of size 6” and larger (or smaller size on request), is equipped with sealant injection located at stem and seats area. The injection is integrated with check valve to provide backup sealing, also a check valve is equipped at front of seat sealant injection to avoid blowing out in case wrong operation. When the soft sealing materials (seat inserts and o-rings) are damaged and leakage happened by fire or other accident, the sealant can be injected through the injection fittings.

Anti-static Device

Spring plus graphite type anti-static device are applied between the ball, stem, gland flange and body, to keep the electrical continuity between all the metallic components, and ensure the resistance lower than the most severe service requirement.

Ball Seat Alignment

Mechanical stops are equipped on all valves to ensure the ball is never to be over rotated.

Environment Friendly Valve

Accurate machining of stem, gland and body sealing surfaces with double sealing (O-ring primary seal plus graphite gasket seal) between the body and bonet ensure the low emission which is complying with the most severe pollution-control regulations. The test certifications are available on request.

Trunnion Ball Valve Drawing

Materil List

No. Part A105/ENP A105/316 F316/F316 LF2/316 Nace
1 Body ASTM A105N ASTM A105N ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A350-LF2
2 Adapter ASTM A105N ASTM A105N ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A350-LF2
3 Ball ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316
4 Seat Insert PTFE/Nylon/PEEK PTFE/Nylon/PEEK PTFE/Nylon/PEEK PTFE/Nylon/PEEK
5 Seat Ring ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316
6 Stem ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A182-F316
7 Trunnion Support ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A350-LF2/ENP
8 Gland Flange ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A105N/ENP ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A350-LF2/ENP
9 Top Flange ASTM A105N ASTM A105N ASTM A182-F316 ASTM A350-LF2
10 Body Stud ASTM A193-B7 ASTM A193-B7 ASTM A193-B8 ASTM A320-L7M
11 Body Nut ASTM A194-2H ASTM A194-2H ASTM A194-8 ASTM A194-7M
12 Screw Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel ASTM A320-L7M
13 Screw Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel ASTM A320-L7M
14 Body Gasket Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
15 Gland Gasket Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
16 Firesafe Packing Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
17 Firesafe Packing Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite
18 Thrust Washer PTFE PTFE PTFE PTFE
20 Bearing 316SS+PTFE+MoS2 316SS+PTFE+MoS2 316SS+PTFE+MoS2 316SS+PTFE+MoS2
21 O-Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton
22 O-Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton
23 O-Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton
24 O-Ring Viton Viton Viton Viton
25 Vent Valve Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
26 Drain Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
27 Stem Injection Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
28 Seat Injection Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
29 Check Valve Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
30 Seat Spring INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750
31 Antistatic Spring INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750
32 Antistatic Spring INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750 INCONEL X-750
33 Grounding Plunger Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
34 Alignment Pin Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
35 Gland Pin Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Carbon Steel
36 Key Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Carbon Steel


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