API 607 Fire Safe Ball Valve

Fire Safe Ball Valve, API 607, ASTM A105, PTFE Seat, Doube Block & Bleed, 4 Inch, Class 300.


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Key Specifications / Features

Fire Safe Ball Valve is a valve that can maintain its pressure containing ability during and after a certain period of fire exposing.This kind of valve we use because the possibility of hazardous or flammable fluid leakage from the valve during fire event.

Size: 4 inch

Pressure: 300#

Body: C.S

Trim: A105/Ep.Cr

Stem Seat: PTFE or POM

Gasket: PTFE or Stainless Steel

Face to face: L=305mm

4 Inch 300# Ball Valve Torque: 400N.m

Gear Operators

Fire Safe

Doube Block & Bleed

Drain and bypass connection

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