Killed Carbon Steel Valves

Killed Carbon Steel Valves, Killed Carbon Steel is completely deoxidized steel, no free Oxygen is left in the steel. Resulting uniform composition and superior toughness as compared to other types.

Main Killed Carbon Steel Valves:
Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves & Ball Valves


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Key Specifications / Features

Killed Carbon Steel Valves are made of killed carbon steel where hydrogen is a major component in the process stream.



Killed Carbon Steels have a more uniform analysis and are relatively free from ageing. For a given carbon and manganese content, killed steels are usually harder then rimmed steels.


How Killed Carbon Steels are Produced

Formation of the carbon monoxide bubbles can be eliminated through the addition of deoxidising agents such as aluminium, ferrosilicon and manganese. In the case of aluminium, the dissolved oxygen reacts with it to form aluminium oxide (Alumina, Al2O3). The formation of alumina not only prevents the formation of bubbles or porosity, but the tiny particles or inclusions also pin grain boundaries during heat treatment processes, preventing grain growth. Completely deoxidised steel are known as “killed steels”.

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