Bare Stem Ball Valve, ISO 5211

Trunnion Ball Valves, Bear Stem, ISO 5211, 14 NPS, 300#, Body: A105, Torque Value: 4400N.m, Weight: 1130Kg


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Key Specifications / Features

Size / Diameter: 14Inch

Rating: ASME 300

Body: A105

Hinge And Stop Pin: 316SS

Stem Seal / Packing / Gland: RTFE Sheet

Body / Bonnet Gasket: PTFE, TEFLON, 1.5MM TH

Installation Method: Mounted to The Valve

Bare Stem Valves Shall Comply With Manual Valve Data Sheet.

Torque Value: 4400N.m

Stem Dia.: 65mm

Weight: 1130Kg

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