A351 CN7M Gate Valve

CN7M Valve, Valves made of CN7M, good option for serving sulfurs acid, phosphoric acid. CN7M ball valve, globe valve, check valve and gate valves are for options.


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Key Specifications / Features

A351 CN7M and it’s forged equivalent is Forged Alloy 20 (ASTM A182 F20), a speciality grade of Austenitic Stainless steel often referred to as ‘super’ stainless steels. Forged Monel 400 (UNS N14400) and it’s cast equivalent A494 M35-1 are Nickel Copper Alloy Steels as is Monel K500.

Fluid Served: Acetic acid (hot), sulfates and sulfites, sulfurus acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid

Other service: petrochemical and gasoline, solvents, plastics, synthetics, and explosives

Full range of CN7M Valves: Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve and Check Valves.

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