A105+ENP Ball Valve

A105+ENP Ball Valves, A105 Ball with Electroless Nickel Plating, thickness of an .003” (76 micron) and A Vickers hardness of 600 minimum.


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Key Specifications / Features

There are two types of request for A105+ENP Ball Valve:

1.  The valve body is A105/A105N+ENP coating for corrosion resistance.

2.  The valve ball is A105+ENP coating.

A105+ENP Ball Valve refers ball valve with the valve ball plated with Electroless nickel.

The thickness of an .003” (76 micron) EN plated if requested ball resists scratches.

A Vickers hardness of 600 minimum as standard (further hardening can be performed up to 900vh) for ENP ball.

ENP Plating Valve Balls Specification

Base materials: Carbon steel

Phosphorus (P): 10.5 % up to 13%

Nickel (Ni): balance

All other elements (total): 0.05 % maximum

Hardness:  500-1300 Hv.

Thickness: 25µm,50µm,75µm

Tests:  ASTM B733, such as: hardness, thickness, corrosion resistance, burning, bending, adhesion etc.

 A105-ENP Valve Ball for Ball Valve

Electroless nickel plating is an alloy of nickel and phosphorous. Electroless Nickel Plating(ENP) Ball has been widely applied in valve ball production with its advantages such as simple processing, low-cost, uniform thickeness and large-area plating. Many clients will specify A105/ENP trim ball valve because they believe it to be a more cost effective option than a full stainless steel ball.

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