8 Inch Ball Valve

8 Inch Ball Valve made of carbon steel or stainless steel, full bore, worm gear operated. 8 Inch Ball Valve Pressure rating from Class 150-2500. 8 Inch Ball Valve Price from China. 8 inch ball valve is designed with automatic pressure relief structure. When the change of pressure or temperature in the pipeline causes the abnormal rise of pressure in the valve body, the medium will open the sealing ring by the pressure of overpressure for automatic pressure relief, so as to ensure the safety of the valve and the pipeline.


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Key Specifications / Features

Valve Size: 8 inch
Pressure Rating: Class 150-2500 (PN20-420)
Valve Type: Ball Valves
Standard: ANSI, API, DIN
Connection: Bolt Flange, Butt Weld
Body Material: Steel,Aluminum Bronze
Actuation: Manual / Hand, Pneumatic
Price: $500-$3000

8 Inch Ball Valve Dimensions

Pressure Ratings Face to Face Dimensions (mm)
Class 150 457 470 521
Class 300 502 518 521
Class 600 660 664 660
Class 900 737 740 737
Class 1500 832 841 832
Class 2500 1022 1038 1022

8 Inch flanged ball valve, Carbon Steel Body, Gear Oparted

8 Inch flanged ball valve

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