Duplex Stainless Steel Check Valve

Duplex stainless steel check valves are extremely corrosion resistant, even in chloride and sulphide environments. The super duplex valves are even more resistant to corrosion. Duplex Steel Valves: Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves.
Main Material:
Duplex Steel: ASTM A890/A995 4A,5A, Duplex 2205 (UNS S32205 / S31803)/DIN1.4462/CD3MN
Super Duplex Steel: ASTM A890/A995 6A, Duplex 2507


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Key Specifications / Features

A check valve allows flow in one direction and automatically prevents back flow (reverse flow) when fluid in the line reverses direction. They are one of the few self-automated valves that do not require assistance to open and close.

For Duplex Stainless Steel: The microstructures consist of a mixture of austenite and ferrite phases. As a result, duplex stainless steels display properties characteristic of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

Duplex stainless steel valves are extremely corrosion resistant. They have high resistance to intergranular corrosion. Even in chloride and sulphide environments, Duplex stainless steel exhibit very high resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

Super duplex Steel Valves are even more resistant to corrosion.

Applications of Duplex stainless steel Valves:

Chemical processing, transport and storage
Oil and gas exploration and offshore rigs
Oil and gas refining
Marine environments
Pollution control equipment
Pulp & paper manufacturing
Chemical process plant

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