API 602 Forged Steel Valve

Gate Valve, Forged Steel, API 602, Full port and conventional port optional,Bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; or pressure seal bonnet


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Key Specifications / Features

Full port and conventional port optional

Outside screw and yoke (OS & Y)

Solid wedge (disc)

Renewable seat ring

Non-rising handwheel

Bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; or pressure seal bonnet

Integral backseat

Two piece self aligning packing gland


Design – API 602/ASME B16.34

Face to face dimension – ASME B 16.10

Socket welding end – ASME B 16.11

Threaded end – ASME B B 1.20.1

Butt welding end – ASME B 16.25

Flange end – ASME B 16.5

Inspection – API 598



Material List of Forged Steel Gate Valves

No. Part name Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Alloy Steel
1 Body A105 A182 F304 A182 F11/F22
2 Seat A182F6a A182 F304 A182 F11/F22
3 Wedge A182F6a A182 F304 A182 F6a
4 Stem A276-410 A276-304 A276-410
5 Gasket Graphite+304 Graphite+304 Graphite+304
6 Packing Graphite Graphite Graphite
7 Gland A105 A182 F304 A182 F11/F22
8 Stem nut A193 B7 A193 B8 A193 B16
9 Handwheel A216-WCB A351 CF8 A216-WCB
10 Sealing ring Graphite Graphite Graphite
11 Yoke A193 B7 A351 CF8 A276-410
12 Bonnet A216-WCB A193 B8 A193 B7
13 Bolt A276-410 A276-304 A216-WCB
14 Eye blot A197 A197 A197
15 Stem Bushing A276-410 A276-410 A276-410




  1. Select different materials for different working temperature and media.
  2. Trim materials and recommended service coverage referred to Appendix.


Connecting Form Between Valve Body and Bonnet

The connecting forms between valve body and bonnet of our forged steel valve include three kinds: bolt connection bonnet, welded bonnet and pressure seal bonnet (Shown as the following figure). The choices of structure form are shown as in the table. The specific forms chosen by customers should be given for the order.

Connection ends of forged valve
Pressure Rating Connection Forms Between Body & Bonnet
Mpa Class Bolted Bonnet Welded Bonnet Pressure Seal
1.6~10.0 150~600 Yes Yes
14.0 800 Yes Yes
16.0 900 Yes Yes Yes
26.0 1500 Yes Yes Yes
42.0 2500 Yes Yes



Range of API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valves

Body Material – Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel

(Forged Steel, such as A105N, LF2, F304, F316, F11, F51, F91, F347 etc.)

Trim Material – API 600 Trim number 1 to 17

End Connection – Flange/SW/Thread/BW

Pressrue Rating – Class 150, 300, 600, 800, 900, 1500, 2500

Size – 1/2″-2″

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