30 Inch Ball Valve

30 Inch Ball Valves are designed to API 6D, double block and bleed, split body, 3 pcs body, available from Class 150 to Class 900.


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Key Specifications / Features

30 Inch Ball Valves are trunnion mounted ball valves.

The extensive range includes soft-seated designs, split body, that provide excellent leak-resistance;
top entry valves with a one-piece body design that allow in-line maintenance and metal-seated valves that provide superior operation at high temperatures as well as providing abrasion resistance in demanding applications.

The opened or closed state of the valve can be easily detected by position of the handle. The Ball Valve provides tight seal, even after long periods, utilizing soft sealing components.

Trunnion-mounted ball design feature a “trunnion” anchoring at the top and bottom of the ball. This design provides a positive seal on both downstream and upstream seats, regardless of pressure, allowing for Double Block and bleed.

30 Inch Ball Valve Dimensions

Pressure Ratings Dimensions (mm)
Class 150 1295 / 1397
Class 300 1397 1422 1397
Class 600 1651 1664 1651
Class 900 1880 1902 /

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