API 6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, API 6D Design/Test, 6 Inch, Class 300, 600, 900, 1500. Full Port, RTJ Flanged End, Manufacturer in China, Cost USD 66 - USD 28000.
Water Ball Valves, API 6D Design, ASTM A216 Body, PTFE Seat, ENP Trim, 1/2 Inch, 300#(Class 300), Flanged End, Two Piece , Blow Out Proof System, Valve Manufacturer (China).
2 Piece Floating Ball Valve, 2 Piece,Blow Out Proof Stem, Two Way, 3/4 Inch, 150LB, PTFE Seat, ASTM A216 WCB Body. Get quick and easy quotes.
1 Inch 1500# Ball Valves, 1 Inch(DN25), 1500#(Class 1500), API 608 Design, API 607 Fire Safe, ASTM A182 F304 Body, Stainless Steel Trim, PEEK Seat, RTJ Flanged End, Full Bore.
Ball Valves For Oil And Gas Industry, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valve, Carbon Forged Steel Body, Nylon Seat, Class 600(600#), 12 Inch, Full Bore, Get quick and easy online quotes.
F6a Ball Valves, F6a Ball, PTFE Seat, Carbon Steel Body, 24 Inch(DN600), 150#(150LB), RTJ Flanged End, Usually Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Liquid. Best Discount.
1 Inch Class 600 Ball Valves, 1 Inch(DN25), Class 600(PN100), API 6D Design, Manufacturer in China, Always Serving Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Sea Water and more.
6 Inch Flanged Ball Valves, Flanged, 6 Inch(DN150), 300LB(300#), ASTM A105 Body, ENP Trim, RPTFE Seat, Anti Static Device, Two Way, Cost USD 150 - USD 2000.
Class 150 Full Port Ball Valves, Class 150(PN16), Full Port, API 6D, API 607 Fire Safe, Valve Manufacturer (China), Bi-directional, Double Block And Bleed.
2 Piece Full Port Ball Valves, Full Port, 2 Piece, ISO5211 Direct Mounting Pad, 6 Inch(DN150), 300LB(300#), API 6D Standard, F304 Ball, ASTM A351 CF8 Body, Gear Operated.
Class 1500 Floating Ball Valves, Class 1500(1500LB), 3/4 Inch, 304 SS Trim, Full Bore, Anti Static Device, Pressure Equalising Seat, Get quick and easy online quotes.
Ball Valves 2 Inch Class 900, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valve, Carbon Steel Body, 4130+ENP Ball, Inconnel Cladded Trim, PTFE Seat, Always Serving Water, Fuel Line, Pipeline.
Stainless Steel Full Port Ball Valves, Stainless Steel Body, Full Port, PEEK Seat, F304 Ball, API 607 Fire Tested, Anti-static Design, Cost USD 500 - USD 34000.
LCB Ball Valves, ASTM A352 LCB Body, TFE Seat, Class 150, 4 Inch(DN100), Full Bore, Usually use to Water、Industrial Applications.
Ball Valves Oil & Gas Industry, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valve, Valve Manufacturer (China), Get quick and easy quotes, 8 Inch(DN200), Class 300, ISO5211 Direct Mounting Pad.
Ball Valves Class 600 Flange, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valve, API 6D Design, API 607 Fire Safe, 6 Inch(DN150), Class 600(600#), Carbon Forged Steel Body, TFE Seat, Nicle Plated Ball, Fully understands your market and project.
DN800 Ball Valve, DN800(32 Inch), PN16(Class 150), 4130+ENP Ball, PTFE Seat, ASTM A216 WCB Body, Best Price, Cost USD 150 - USD 3800, Valve Manufacturer (China).
Ball Valves Soft Seat, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valves, 12 Inch, 600LB(600#), Piggable, Zero Leakage, Side Entry, API 6D Design, Valve Manufacturer (China).
ENP ball valves, ENP Trim, F6a Ball, Delrin Seat, API 6D Design, 8 Inch(DN200), 150#(150LB), Manufacturer in China, Always Serving General Chemical、LNG、Gasoline.
LCC Ball Valves, ASTM A352 LCC Body, 14 Inch(DN350), 300LB(300#), API 6D Design, API 607 Fire Safe, API 598 Test, Full Bore, Renewable Seat, Double Block And Bleed.
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