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O-ring ball valve with floating or fixed design(called trunnion ball valve), the relative motion parts are very small coefficient of friction self-lubricating material, thus operating a small torque, in addition to long-term sealing sealing grease, making the operation more flexible, O-ring ball valve can play the role of regulation and cutting , commonly used in the two control that flow path is simple, fully formed straight channel fully open, the pressure loss is minimal, especially for high viscosity, suspension, pulp and other fluids occasion, reliable sealing, leakage small, soft seal Ball can achieve bubble tight. The differences between O-ring ball valves and ordinary ball valves are as follows:

1)Fluid resistance for the O-ring ball valve.
Ball valve generally has the full bore and reduce bore,the two structures, no matter what the structure, flow resistance coefficient ball valves are relatively small. Conventional valve is a straight-through, also known as full-flow type valve, the channel diameter is equal to the pipe diameter, resistance loss only if an equal length of the pipe friction resistance. In all ball valve valves, fluid resistance O-ring ball valve is minimal. A decrease in the resistance of the pipe system in two ways: First, reduce the fluid flow rate, would be to increase the diameter and the valve size, which will greatly increase the cost of piping system. The second is to reduce the valve local resistance, O-ball valve is the best choice.
2)The switch quickly and easily for the O-ring ball valve.
O-ring ball valve just rotated 90 degrees to complete the fully open or fully closed, it can quickly opened and closed.
3)Good sealing performance for the O-ring ball valve.
O-ring ball valve seats vast majority are using PTFE (PTFE) and other manufacturing an elastic material, commonly referred to as soft seal valve. Soft seal valve has good sealing performance, and the sealing valve surface roughness and precision requirements are not high.
4)Long life for the O-ring ball valve.
Since polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE or F4) have good self-lubricating, low coefficient of friction with the ball. Due to the improved process reduces the roughness of the ball, thus greatly improving the life of the ball valve.
5)High reliability for the O-ring ball valve.
(1) Ball and a pair of sealing seat will not scratch occur, sharp wear and other faults;
(2)Be changed to stem a built-in, eliminating the stem under fluid pressure may be due to the packing gland Loosen flying accidents;
(3) Anti-static, ball refractory structure can be used to transport oil, natural gas, coal gas pipeline.

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