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Now, as industrial production in a very important job filtration equipment – Y type strainer(Y type filter) has been applied to a variety of devices, it enables normal operation of machinery and equipment, serves to process more secure, stable and efficient role in the process Sewage, industrial production produced played a very significant effect, and the role of Y-type strainer(Y type filter) in other industries are also gradually emerging as an important device components, which contributed in promoting industrial development!

Y-type strainer(Y type filter) has many types, along with our rapid economic development, to meet the needs of a variety of special conditions, the Y-type strainer(Y type filters) are still growing, they also do not play the same role, in practical application, Y-type strainer(Y type filter) effect is not the same focus, such as air filter, it only needs to reach a certain air cleanliness, reduce the content of harmful substances in the air on it! Liquid filter and air filter similar, mainly to reduce pollutants, so many filter should be how to choose? Of course it is the right medicine!

First, choose the pipe diameter and the same with, then that it can withstand the pressure levels used to adapt to the environment, the most important thing is to hole mesh, and the role of Y-type strainer(Y type filter) is reflected here, hole mesh determines how much it The fine level! Then there is the filter material and resistance losses.

For flammable, explosive, toxic medium, and small diameter pipe filter optional socket weld, often need repair and replacement, and should use the filter flange connection. Filter body materials should be consistent with the corresponding pipe material or equivalent, when the filter no special requirements, are stainless steel mesh. More solid impurities, viscosity of the working medium, choose a larger filtration area is appropriate filter basket, select the filter mesh should be considered to meet the needs of the process or of pumps, compressors and other fluid transportation machinery for protection purposes.

In fact, water filter role is to isolate impurities before the water filter, to prevent damage or blockage harmful impurities pumps, chillers, and other equipment. Straight basket type water filters and Y-type water filters compared to the following advantages:

1) Straight basket type water filter structure is simple, the cost is lower than the Y-type water filters. Straight basket type water filters the flow area, filter resistance is lower than the Y-type water filters.
2) Straight basket type water filter does not change the flow of water, the filtration resistance is smaller than the Y-type water filters.
3) Straight basket type water strainer disassembly cleaning easy.
Straight-type water filters can be installed on-site production, but also industrial production, it should be worthy of a water filter.

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