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Throughout the four-way ball valve refinery coking unit failure, the vast majority of internal coke (between the bellows and the draft tube, between the bellows and the t the four-way ball valve sleeve, between the ball and the body) resulting in ball wear seat sealing surface scratches, due to excessive torsional moment due to various failures and other implementing agencies.

A t the four-way ball valve maintenance,
1)The four-way ball valve disintegration, cleaning parts disassembled.
2)Check each part if there is the four-way ball valve failure or damage.
3)The failure to repair or replace damaged parts.
4)Grinding sealing surface (sealing effect depends on the surface roughness of the four-way ball valve sealing surface, and the degree of agreement of the two sealing surfaces; main role is to improve the surface roughness of the polished sphere and the sealing surface of the seal seat and both parts sealing surface form-fitted).
5) Load manual test, reassembled four-way ball valve, sealing test and post-installation.

Second, measures to extend the life of the four-way ball valve .
1)Strict management and daily operations assessment, before the media in the four-way ball valve into the heating or cooling medium sweep clean scorch should first put into use steam vapor seal.
2)Periodically check the output torque of the four-way ball valve. When the four-way ball valve actuator torque shortage occurs at work (in this case the electric actuator torque should not the maximum) it means that the internal four-way ball valve coking phenomenon may occur; when the four-way ball valve actuator output torque is raised to the maximum, and an exception occurs during operation jitter, and with the growing plant operation, the internal four-way ball valve coking more serious. At this time the four-way ball valve should be overhauled.

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