Trunnion Ball Valve, Reduced Bore, API Standard

Trunnion Ball Valves, 900#, 16 x 14inch, Redubed Bore, Body: A350 LF2, Ball: A 182 Grade F316/ SS316, Seat Insert: R-PTFE/PEEK/FDA/NYLON.


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Key Specifications / Features

The trunnion ball valve can be provided with Single Piston Effect Seats, for cavity relief to the pipeline or with Double Piston Effect Seats, for double barrier sealing and Double Block and Bleed capability. Available in single part design with cast or forged bodies.

Size(Inches): 16 x 14inch

Pressure Rating: 900#

Ball: A 182 Grade F316/ SS316


Seal/ O-ring: Viton

Spring: lnconel X-750

Stem Packing: Flexible Graphite

Fire Resistance Gasket: Flexible Graphite

Bolts/Nuts: ASTM A 193-B7/ A 194-2H

Operating Pressure: 109 Bar

Operating Temperature (max/min): 0/80 Deg. C

Medium: Hydrocarbon gas

Testing: API 6D, API 598, High Closure Test at 109 bar

Weight: 2102Kg

Torque Value: 11500N.m

Top Flange: ISO 5211 F30

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