Trunnion Ball Valve, Flanged Ends, 900 LB

Trunnion Ball Valve, Flanged Ends, 900 LB, Split Body, 6 Inch, 900 LB, Antistatic Device, Antiblowout Stem.


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Key Specifications / Features

Trunnion ball valves employ a sealing principle that facilitates all services requiring double block and bleed integrit. A locking device is provided to prevent misoperation of valve. Valve stem flyout prevention structure design, to prevent an accident due to the ejection of the valve stem caused by abnormal pressurization in the chamber. Fireproof and antistatic design

Design API-6D,

Full Bore

Class 900 lbs, 6 Inch

Trunnion Mounted Ball, split body (2 pcs)

Antistatic device, antiblowout stem

Flanged ends ANSI B.16.5 RTJ

Face to face ANSI B.16.10

Materials Acc/ANSI B16.34

Gear operated

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