Trunnion Ball Valve, ANSI 304, Flanged

Class 900 Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted, ANSI, F304, 8 Inch, Trunnion Ball – Solid, Seat Sealing: PEEK, RTJ


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Key Specifications / Features

Relia trunnion ball valves are Anti blow out stem permit replacement of the stem seals with the Valve in fully closed position. Self adjusting sealing utilizing Belleville washers that automatically adjust to compensate for changes in temperature and wear. Independent packing gland can be easily adjusted without removing mounting hardware or operator.

Size: 8 Inch

Pressure: ANSI Class 900

Type: Trunnion Ball – Solid

Body: F304-Forged Steel

Trim: Forged Steel S.S.

Seat Sealing: PEEK

Stem Retention: F304

Valves Shall Be Designed So That The Stem Seal Retaining Fasteners (E.G., Packing, Gland Fasteners) Alone Do Not Retain The Stem. Specifically, The Design Shall Be Such That The Stem Shall Not Be Capable Of Removal From The Valve, While The Valve Is Under Pressure, By The Removal Of The Stem Seal Retainer (E.G., Gland) Alone.

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