Trunnion Ball Valve, 30 Inch, Welding Ends

Ball Valves, Flanged Ends, Carbon Steel Body, Stainless Steel Trim, RPTFE Seat, AED O-ring, ASME 300, 30 Inch, Weight: 3419Kg


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Key Specifications / Features

For a trunnion ball valve, optional conical disc springs insure adequate loading of packlng at all times. Excessive stem torqus and packing deformation due to over-tightening of conventional packing glands is eliminatsd. The constant “load” provided by the discsprings compensates for normal wear – repair and maintenance costs are virtually eliminated.

The ball valve stem and the valve seat are equipped with an injection system DBB (double block and bleed) function. DIB-1 & DIB-2 seat designs are available

Size: 30 Inch

Rating: 300#

Body Material: Carbon Steel

Trim Material: Stainless Steel

Seats/Seal: PTFE

Packing: Graphite

Connections: Flanged


Accessories: None

Firesafe, Painted

Service: Crude Isolation

Weight: 3419Kg

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