Piggable Ball Valve, Pipeline, Lockable

Ball Valve, Piggable, Pipeline, Lockable, LF2 Body, LF2+ENP Ball, PTFE Seat, Class 300, 4 Inch.


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Key Specifications / Features

Piggable valves are specified to have the same internal diameter as the piping to which they are attached and provide smooth passage of the pig through the valve. In most applications, a standard “full port” ball valve is used.. Pigging refers to the practice of using devices known as “pigs” to perform various cleaning and maintenance operations in process pipelines.

Pressure: Class 300

Body: LF2 FS.

Ball: LF2+ENP

Seat: PTFE

Gland: F6A

Stem: A276-410

Key: AISI 1045

Bearing: AISI 1045+PTFE

Stud: L7

Nuts: 7

Ball Valve Pressure Class 300LB

Hydraulic Shell: 7.5 MPa

Hydraulic Seat: 5.5 MPa

Pneumatic Seat: 0.6MPa

Design Temperature: -29-120℃

Working Medium: Water,Oil,Natural Gas,Etc.

Face to Face: 502mm

300# 8″ Ball Valve Unit Weight: 245KG/PCS

Torque Value: 1450 N.m

ISO 5211 F14

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