PEEK Seat Ball Valve, Flanged Ends

PEEK Seat Ball Valve, Flanged Ends, ASTM A105N, 316 SS Ball, High Pressure.


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Key Specifications / Features

PEEK is the common name for Poly Ether Ether Ketone. It is a high performance engineered thermoplastic.It offers excellent chemical and water resistance and is unaffected by continuous exposure to hot wateror steam. Its temperature stability is good to 600°F and it is a high strength alternative to fluoropolymers used for valve seats. These properties make it a superb seat choice for elevated pressure coupled with elevated temperature.

Body: CS A105N

Stem: ASTM A479 XM-19

Ball: 316 SS

Seat Insert: PEEK

Class rating: Class 150-2500

Temperature Range (°F): -50/500

Service Application: High Pressure & High Temperature

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