Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve

Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve, High Temperature, Abrasive Application, Seat: Ni-Cr Alloy, Stellite, WC, Design: BS5351 and EN ISO 17292, API 6D, Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve Manufacturers in China.


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Key Specifications / Features

Metal Seated Ball Valve Applications include steam service, high temperature/pressure service, abrasion resistance and modulating service.

Chrome Plating –  Hard Chrome Plating has often been utilised in the design of Ball Valve Seats but may be coming under threat from increased environmental concerns over the process. Hard Chrome provides a high level of hardness and wear resistance.

Tungsten Carbide – For more severe environments where severe flashing or hydraulic shock is expected, a harder coating will be required. If temperatures are below 150 Degrees Celsius then most often HVOF applied Tungsten Carbide coating will add a high level of corrosion and wear resistance whilst also offering low porosity.

Chrome Carbide – For temperatures up to 815 Degrees Celsius then Chrome Carbide or Cobalt- Chromium alloys should be considered as these will achieve a hardness of 70+ HRC and will provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Name: Metal Seated Floating Ball Valve

Type: Metal Seated Ball Valve

Feature: Single Directional or Bi-directional Sealing

Structure: Split Body

Service: High Temperature, Abrasive Application

Seat: Ni-Cr Alloy, Stellite, WC

Design: BS5351 and EN ISO 17292, API 6D

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