Metal Seated Ball Valve VS Soft Seated

Metal seated ball valves are introduced when soft seated ball valves are not suitable with the fluid.


Soft seated ball valves are suitable for the working temperature lower than 260℃(when PEEK seat is introduced), while metal seated ball valves are suitable for temperature up to 540℃ (may be higher based on the material of body and trim).

Another reason to choose metal seated ball valves are due to its feature of  abrasion resistant, while soft seated is not.


Seat Material Options and applications:

Soft Seat:

PTFE-Made from Virgin Teflon, this is the most common sealing material; its chemical compatibility is excellent for almost all media. Temperature -50°F to 400°F.

PTFE-15% glass reinforced PTFE, suitable for temperature -50°F to 450°F, chemical resistance is compatible to virgin PTFE with better wear factor. The standard in most all of our ball valves.

Carbon Filled PTFE-25% Carbon Graphite with 75% PTFE, this material offers a wide temperature range with better wear resistance than standard RPTFE. Good for steam service -50°F to 450°F.

Delrin-This material is very rigid, suitable for high pressure up to 5000psi dependant on valve size and temperature range of -50°F to 180°F.

PEEK-Best suited for high temperature and pressure service, suitable for tobacco and nuclear service. Temperature -70°F to 550°F.

Nylon-Special Nylon seats are offered for higher pressure and lower temperature service. They can be used in high-pressure air, oil and other gas media but are not suited for strong oxidizing agents. Temperature rating -30°F to 200°F


Metal Seat:

Stellite Seat Surface-Recommended for service with severe flashing or hydraulic shock, abrasive media or where possible trapped metal may exist. Relia valve metal seats are hand lapped to the ball as individually matched sets, assuring line contact between valve ball and seats, resulting in smooth operation and tight shut off class. Relia valve offers metal seat ball valve in different classes of Shut Off including Class IV, V and VI.

Cr3C2, suitable up to 815°C, Good corrosion resistance.

WC-Co, Tungsten, Carbon Cobalt, Excellent corrosion resistance.


Cost & Price:

The cost of metal seat ball valve is much higher than softed seat ball valves.

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