ISO Trunnion Ball Valve

ISO Trunnion Ball Valve, API 6D/ISO 14313, ISO 17292, ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad, NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, Emissions Testing: ISO 15848-1.2.


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Key Specifications / Features

The trunnion ball valve also has the function of automatic release pressure, when the medium temperature in the valve rises and causes abnormal pressure rise, the trunnion ball valve can automatically release the pressure without a relief valve,This is very important to ensure the safety of industrial production.

Name: ISO Trunnion Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valve

Feature: ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad, Easy to Modify the Actuator

Design: API 6D/ISO 14313, ISO 17292

Emissions Testing: ISO 15848-1.2

Fire-Tested: API 607 and API 6FA

NACE MR0175/ISO 15156

Seat: Devlon, Nylon, PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE and TCC Metal Seated

Suitable: Process Oil & Gas

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