Floating Ball Valve, A216 WCB, RF

WCB Floating Ball Valves, Split Body, 4 Inch, RF, Body: CS ASTM A 216, Trim: SS 316 -ASTM A351, 2 Piece Bolted, RF ends.


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Key Specifications / Features

The ball of a floating ball ball is movable, it moves slightly after the medium give pressure to it, then the ball touched closely with the seat to seal. But in a trunnion mounted ball valve, the ball is fixed, don’t move. The medium push the seat move and closely touched with the ball, that’s the way of sealing.

Size: 4 inch

Pressure Designation: ASME CL. 150

Body: CS ASTM A 216

Trim: SS 316 -ASTM A351

Stem: ASTM A479

2 Piece Bolted, RF ends

Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Min.DFT 300 Microns

Weight: 30Kg

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