6 Inch Ball Valve, ANSI 150, RF

6 Inch Ball Valves, Trunnion, ANSI 150#, RF, Body: Forging A105, Ball: ASTM A105/ENP75um, Stem: Stainess Steel.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 6 Inch

Pressure: ANSI 150

Design: Trunnion

Ends: RF Flanged

Body: Forging A105

Ball: ASTM A105/ENP75um

Stem: Stainess Steel

Unless Specified Otherwise, Bolting Shall Be Hot Dipped Galvanized In Accordance With

ASTM A153.

Valves Shall Be Designed To Operate Freely After The Stem Has Remained In One Position For An Extended Period Of Service, Of Up To One Year From The Date Of Installation, Or Since The Last Periodic Maintenance.

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