3 Piece Ball Valve, Forgd Steel, Full Port

Trunnion Ball Valve, 3 Piece Body, Forgd Steel, Nace Trim, PEEK Seat, 6 Inch, ANSI 150, Full Port.


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Key Specifications / Features

3 piece ball valve consists of three separated pieces, with the connection between them being a bolt and flange assembly. The central body section may be removable without disturbing the end connections. Easy to repair.

Title: 3 Piece Trunnion Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valves

Structure: 3 Piece Body

Function: DBB

Body: Forgd Steel

Trim: Nace Trim

Seat: PEEK

Design: API 607

Size: 6″

Class: ANSI 150

Ends: Flanged, RF

Port: Full Port

Fluid: Natural Gas

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