20 Inch Ball Valve, NACE Trim

Ball Valve, 20 Inch, ANSI 300, NACE Trim, Flanged, Full Bore, 2PC Body, Reduced Bore, ASTM A352 LCC Body.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 20 inchx16 inch(20″x16″)

Pressure: 300#(300LB,Class 300)

Body: ASTM A352 GR LCC

Bonnet: ASTM A352 GR LCC

Ball: A350 LF2+ ENP

Stem: A182 F6a

Seat Insert: PTFE

O-ring: Viton

Boltings: ASTM A320 L7/L7M

Face to face(Flgd ends): L=991mm

Weight:2097 KG.

Gearbox Operated

2PC Body

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