2 Piece Cast Steel Floating Ball Valve

WCB Floating Ball Valves, Split Body, 4 Inch, RF, Body: CS ASTM A 216, Trim: SS 316 -ASTM A351, 2 Piece Bolted, RF ends.


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Key Specifications / Features

The floating ball valve only has upper stem and the ball can have a slight displacement. The sealing of the floating ball valve is realized by the pressure of the medium,when the ball valve is closed, the floating ball is pressed against the sealing surface under the action of pressure to realize sealing.


Pressure Designation: ASME CL. 150

Body: CS ASTM A 216

Trim: SS 316 -ASTM A351

Stem: ASTM A479

2 Piece Bolted, RF ends

Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Min.DFT 300 Microns

Weight: 30Kg

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