16 Inch Ball Valve, Split Body, F304

Ball Valve, Split Body, ASTM A182 F304 Body, A182 F304 Trim, Soft Seat, 16 Inch, 150#, Flanged.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 16 inch

Pressure: 150#

Valve Body: ASTM A182 F304

Trim: ASTM A182 F304

Seat Insert: Soft Seat

Gaskets: SS304 with Flexible Graphite

Bolting: ASTM A320 B8

Nuts: A194 8

End to End: L=762mm

16″ 150# Ball Valve Weight: 854KG.

Torque Value: 4000N.m

ISO 5211 F25

Fluide Type: Nitric Acid

Split Body

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