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V Notch Port Ball Valves

Category: Ball Valves
Product Line: V Notch Ball Valves
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Size range(s): 
1/2 - 12'' (15 - 800 mm) 
Pressure rating:
ASME Class 150 - 300 


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V Notch Port Ball Valves Features

• Ideal for achieving more precise control with the simplicity and sealing features of a ball valve
• One piece design, reduced port.
• The V notch port ball valve for control purpose adopt the driving modes such as pneumatic operation and electric operation
• The V notch port of the ball plays the shearing function between the metals, so the valve is especially suitable for media of high viscosity, containing fiber, solid granules slurry and paper pulp.
• Compact structure, strong adaptability. The V notch port ball valve for cut-off purpose has good sealing performance and can replace various valves such as gate valve, globe valve, ordinary ball valve and etc.
• V notch ball valve with the control port cast and machined into the ball, not in the seat.
Application: water, steam,oil, liquefied gas, coal gas, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and etc.



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