Non Rising Stem Gate Valves, Carbon Steel, Flanged, 16 Inch, Class 300, API Standard, Raised Face, Weight: 900 Kg.
A217 WC6 Gate Valves, Bolted Bonnet, 14 Inch, 150 LB, Wedge: Alloy Steel WC6 + STL, Seat: F304 + STL, High Temperature.
A217 WC5 Gate Valves, 12 Inch, ANSI 300, RF, Wedge: Alloy Steel WC5 + STL, Seat: F304 + STL
Gate Valves, Flexible Disc, 300 LBS, API 598 Tested, ASTM A216 GR. WCB Body, Wedge: SS CF8M, Type of Bore: Standard.
Big Size Gate Valves, A216 WCB, API 600, Flanged Ends, API 600, Flanged Ends.
Gate Valves, BS 1414, OS&Y, Carbon Steel, Class 150, 18 Inch, Trim: No.10, End Connection: RF Flanged.
6 Inch Gate Valves, API Trim 10, 900 # RTJ, Rising Spindle, Gearbox, Weight: 403Kg.
Class 600 Gate Valves, BW, API Trim No. 1, 18 Inch, Body: A216 Gr. WCB, Weight: 1990Kg.
Gate Valves, 1500 LBS, Standard Bore, API 600, 3 Inch, Body: ASTM A216 GR.WCB, Trim: 13% CR, Seat: Stellite Renewable, FLGD 1500# RF.
900#, Flanged Gate Valves, WCB Fully Killed Steel, NPS 8, Disc: ASTM CF8M.
Gate Valves, CS, API 600, Trim 5, 900 LBS, Carbon Steel, Actuator:Worm Gear, Application Temperature: -29 to 425°C
Gate Valves, ANSI 900, Full Bore, Flanged Ends, 8 Inch, Rising Stem, ASTM A 216 WCB, Top Flange ISO 5210: F30
Class 900 Gate Valve, Cast Steel, Bolted Bonnet, 8 Inch, Body: Cast Steel, Wedge: ASTM A216 WCB+13 Cr, Flanged End, RF
1500# Gate Valves, RTJ, 8 Inch, API Trim 8, Packing: Graphite.
Carbon Steel Gate Valves, 600#, API Trim 12, RF, Test: API 598 MSS-SP-55, Flexible Wedge, Fire Safe, OS&Y, PER API 600.
Flanged Gate Valves, Class 600, 12 Inch, CS, Carbon Steel, Actuator:Worm Gear, Application Temperature: -29 to 425°C
Cast Carbon Steel Gate Valve, Flanged, 1500#, API Trim No. 1
Gate Valves, ASME B16.34, WCB, 316 Trim, 20", CL 150.
Gate Valve, Wedge Gate, Flange Ends, #150 LBS, 26 Inch, Trim No. 9.
ANSI Class 1500 Gate Valve, RTJ, Carbon Steel, 8 In, Trim No. 10.

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