Gate Valve, Forged Steel, API 602, Full port and conventional port optional,Bolted bonnet; welded bonnet; or pressure seal bonnet
DN600 Gate Valves, DIN, PN40, ASTM A352 CF8, 304SS Trim, Bolted Bonnet, OS&Y, Flanged.
WC9 Gate Valve, Pressure Seal Bonnet, ASTM A217 WC9, K21590, 1.7380, 10CrMo910, Alloy Steel, Chrome Moly, API 600 Trim No. 8.
A351 CF8M Gate Valves, Bolted Body, Integral Seat, 316 Trim/Trim NO.10, 2 Inch, Class 150, Flanged Flat Face.
A351 CF8M Gate Valves, Bolted Body, Integral Seat, 316 Trim/Trim NO.10, 2 Inch, Class 150, Flanged Flat Face.
CS Gate Valves, Carbon Steel A216 WCB, BB, OS&Y, Rising Stem, 304 Disc/Wedge, 304 Seat, 8 Inch (DN450), ANSI 300, Petrochemical.
Low Temperature Carbon Steel Gate Valves, Extended Bonnet/Stem, API 600 Trim No. 12, Disc/Wedge: LCB+316, API 600, Flanged.
LCB Gate Valve, LTCS, K03011, 1.0566, DIN 18103, API Trim No. 10, 316 Disc/Wedge, 316 Seat, Class 150, Flanged RF.
Chrome Moly Steel Gate Valves, ASTM A217 WC9, K21590, 1.7380 Body, API Trim No. 8, 410+Hard Faced, 12 Inch, ANSI Class 2500.
Butt Weld Gate Valves, API 600, STM A216 WCB, API Trim No 1, 13Cr Stem and Seat.
Motor Actuated Gate Valves, A216 WCB Body, API 600 Trim No. 10, 316 Stem, ASTM A351 CF8M Seat, RF Ends.
Bronze Gate Valves, Bronze ASTM B62 C83600, 4 Inch, ANSI 150, Flanged, Sea Water.
WC6 Gate Valve, K11572, 13CrMo44, 1.7335, Pressure Seal Bonnet, Flanged RTJ, 12 Inch, Class 2500.
DN80 Gate Valves, BB, OS&Y, RF, WCB, Carbon Steel, API 600 Trim 12, 316-HFS, PN40.
DN400 Gate Valves, ASTM A351 CF3M Body, ASTM A351 CF3M Trim, A182 F316L+STL Seat, RF Flange.
44 Inch Gate Valves, API 600, A351 CF8 Body, SS 304L Trim, Rsing Stem, Full Bore, Flanged RF.
A351 CG3M Gate Valves, A351 CG3M Body, 317L, API or DIN, 6 Inch, 150 LB.
CF8C Gate Valve, A351 CF8C, UNS S34700, DIN 8556, 1.4550, 4 Inch, ANSI Class 150, Flanged, ASME B16.5
6.4 MPA Gate Valves, PN64, A216 WCB Body, API 600 Trim No. 12, A182 F316 Stem, A351 CF8M+STL, A182 F316+STL, 8 Inch.
WCC Gate Valve, A216 WCC Body, API 600 Trim No. 5, API 600, ASME B16.34, 3 Inch (DN80), ANSI Class 150, Flanged RF.
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