Large Ball Valves, API 6D, API 607 Fire Safe, Stainless Forged Steel Body, Bronze Trim, F304 Ball, Serving Carbon Dioxide Content, Diesel Fuel, Soul Gas. Best Discount.
Class 2500 Ball Valves, Class 2500, 4 Inch(DN100), API 6D Design, Three Piece, Zero Leak, F304 Ball, Stainless Steel Trim, PEEK Seat, Full Bore, FLanged End, Cost USD 100 - USD 600.
Metal Seated Flanged Ball Valves, Hard seat(Metal Srated), ASTM A182 F304 Body, 1 Inch, Class 300, Full Bore, Always Used in Pipeline, General Chemical, District Heating.
Quarter Turn Ball Valves, Quarter Turn, Bi-directional, API 6D Standard, ASTM A351 CF8 Body, Bronze Trim, F316L Ball, 1/2 Inch, Class 150, Manufacturers in China.
Ball Valves DN200, Turnnion Mounted Ball Valve, DN200(8 Inch), PN16(Class 150), API 6D, ENP Trim, PTFE Seat, Carbon Steel Body, Anti-static Design, Sutt Off, Cost USD 150 - USD 619.
Short Pattern Flanged Ball Valve, Raised Face End, Stainless Steel (A351 CF8M) Body, Floating Type, API 607 Firesafe, Wrench Operated.
ANSI 150 LB Flanged Ball Valves, Quarter Turn, Anti Static Device, 2 PC WCC(Carbon Steel) Body, PTFE Coated Viton Seal, Full Bore, Wrench Operated.
Alloy 20 Flanged Ball Valves, Alloy Steel F60, Ring Joint Flanged, Trunnion Installed, Zero Leak, Twin Seal, Fire Safe Design, Universal Application(Water, Sour, Gas ETC.), Turbine Operated.
Flanged Full Bore Ball Valves, Flanged RTJ, O Ring Seat, Bi-Directional, Trunnion Mounted, Hydraulic Actuator, Manufactured in China.
Split Body Side Entry Ball Valve, API 6D, API 598, 8 Inch, 300LB, ASTM A105n Body, F6a Ball, Flanged End, Reduced Bore, Gear Operated.
PTFE Seat Ball Valve, PTFE Seat, F6a Ball, ASTM A105 Body, API 607 Fire Safe, Full Port, Manufacturers in China, Cost USD 100 - USD 320. Usually Serving Gas Production、Oxygen Service.
Oil Field Ball Valve, Piggable, Field Repairable, API 6D Design, API 607 Fire Safe, ASTM A216 WCB Body, PTFE Seat, Gear Operated, Full Port, Flanged End.
Ball Valve Flanged Ends, Floating Ball Valves Type, Fully Welded Body, Two Way, CS A105N Body, F6a SS Ball, Full Opening Port, Lever Operatd.
Metal Seated Ball Valve For High Temperature,Floating Ball Valves, Zero Leak, DBB, API 608 Design, API 607 Fire Safe, ASTM A216 WCB Bosy, 13Cr Ball, 1/2 Inch, 150LB(150#).
Flanged Ball Valve for Gas, RF Flanged And Serving for Fuel Gas, Sour Gas...API 607 Firesafe Test, Pneumatic Actuator, Anti Blowout Stem. Including But Not Limited to ASME Class 150.
Gear Operated Trunnion Ball Valves,Gear Operated, Split Body, 3 Piece, 6 Inch, 300#, ANSI B16.34 Design, API 607 Fire Safe, Always Serving Oil、Water、Gas.
Full Bore Stainless Steel Ball Valve, Stainless Steel Trim, Full Bore, Two Way, Piggable, ASTM A182 F304 Body, PTFE Seat, F304 Ball, Stainless Steel Trim, 16 Inch, 150#.
Floating Ball Valves Cavity Relief, Floating Ball Valve, API 607 Fire Safe, ASTM A216 WCB Body, F304 Ball & Stem, PTFE Seat, 3/4 Inch, 300LB, Service to Water, Oil, Natural Gas etc.
2205 Duplex Ball Valve, Zero Leakage,F51 Ball, PEEK Seat, API 6D Design, Gear Operated, Raised Face, 2 Inch, 600LB. Service to Pipeline、Sea Water、Oil and more.
Flanged Full Port Ball Valves, RF Flanged End Connection, API 6FA Firesafe, ISO14313 Design, Forged CS A105N Body, Hard Chrome Seat, Worm Gear Operated.
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