DN650 Ball Valves, DN650(26 Inch), 150#(150LB), ASTM A216 WCB Body, ENP Coating Ball, PTFE Seat, Full bore, Zero Leak, Side Entry, 3 PC Split Body.
WCB Ball Valves, ASTM A216 WCB Body, A105+ENP Ball, PTFE Seat, Inconnel Cladded Trim, 16 Inch(DN400), 300LB(300#), API 607 Fire Safe, Usually Serving Onshore and the Offshore Oil and Gas Industries.
Class 150 Flanged Ball Valves, 14 Inch, Class 150, Flanged End, Manufacturer in China, Cost USD 260 - USD 8600, PTFE Seat, A105 Body, API 6D Design.
Shut Off Ball Valves, Shut Off, Two Way, Class 300(300#), 3/4 Inch, Lever Operated, Full Bore, RTJ Flanged, Stainless Forged Steel Body, Valve Manufacturer (China).
Stainless Steel Trunnion Ball Valve, Stainless Steel Body, 12 Inch, Class 300(300#), API 6D Design, Piggable, Anti Blow-out Stem, Cost USD 690 - USD 32000.
ASME B16.34 Ball Valves, ASME B16.34 Design, API 598 Test, 10 Inch, 150#(150LB), ASTM A216 WCB Body, 13Cr Ball, PTFE Seat, Fire Safe Design, Field Repairable.
Trunnion Mounted And Floating Ball Valves, Ball Valve(Trunnion Mounted And Floating), 2 Inch, Flanged End, Full range of pressure rating and material selection.
Floating Ball Valve Body Cavity Relief, Class 600, Floating Ball Valve, Usually Serving Carbon Dioxide Content, Diesel Fuel, Valve Manufacturer (China).

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