Flanged Ball Valve, Anti-static Design, API 607,
Sour Hydrocarbon Service, 10 Inch, Class 300.
Trunnion Ball Valve, Reduced Bore, A105N, 3x2 Inch, Class 900, A105N Body, 316L Trim, Jet Fuel Service.
Fire Safe Ball Valve, API 607, ASTM A105, PTFE Seat, Doube Block & Bleed, 4 Inch, Class 300.
Ball Valve, Oil & Gas Pipeline, Bolted Bonnet, Penumatic actuator, A216 WCB Body, Class 300, 10 Inch.
Trunnion ball Valve, 3 Piece, Carbon Steel Body, SS 304 Ball, Devlon Seat, 24", 900#, Reduced Bore, Long Pattern.
Trunnion Ball Valve, Side Entry, Three Piece, ASTM A105 Body, ASTM A105+ENP Ball, Gear Operated, 6 Inch, Class 300.
Ball Valve, Three Piece, Reduced Bore, ASTM A105N Body, A105N+ENP Trim, 6", 900#.
Body Ball Valve, Bolted, API 608, Carbon Steel, ASTM A105N+ENP Trim, PEEK Seat, Flanged, Gear Operated
Trunnion Ball Valve, 3PC, A350 LF2 Body, SS 316 L Trim, Nylon Seat, On-off, 24 Inch, 900 LB.
Trunnion Ball Valve, 2PC, Carbon Steel, WCB Body, F316L Trim, RF, Worm Gear Operated, 12 Inch, Class 150.
Split Body Ball Valve, 3PC, Forged Steel, ASTM A350 LF2 Body, Fire durable, Trunnion Mounted, Double block and bleed.
Ball Valve, Bolted Body, Fire Safe, ASTM A105N Body, A182 F6 Stem, A105+ENP Ball, Nylon Seat, Worm Gear Operated.
Ball Valve, Trunnion Mounted, Split Body, 3PC, Flanged Ends, A216 WCB Body, ASTM A105+ENP Ball, 36 Inch, Class 600.
Trunnion Ball Valve, Split Body, 2PC, Cast Steel, Full Bore, Soft Seat, Flanged Raised Face End Connection
Ball Valve, ASME Flanged, 30 Inch, 300Lb, Forged Steel ASTM A350 LF2, PTFE Seat, Fire Safe. Trunnion Mounted.
Ball Valve, ASTM A105, ANSI 410 Trim, 28 inch, 300#, Side Entry, RF, Gear Operated.
Ball Valve, 24 Inch, 600LB, RTJ, Body-Carbon Steel ASTM A105, 316 Stainless Steel Trim, API 6D, NACE MR0175.
Ball Valve, Forged Steel, 24 Inch, Class 300, Flanged, 3 PC Body, API 607, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves.
Ball Valve, 20 Inch, ANSI 300, NACE Trim, Flanged, Full Bore, 2PC Body, Reduced Bore, ASTM A352 LCC Body.
Ball Valve, Class 150, 18 Inch, ASTM A105 Body, A105+ENP Ball, PTFE Seat, Gear Box, API 6D.
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