Top Entry Ball Valves, A105, 900#, RTJ, 4", 900#, Body: ASTM A105, Ball: A105N+ENP, Seat: A105N+ENP+DEVLON, Seals Gaskets: VITON AED GLT Graphite, NACE & ISO15156, H2S acc. to ISO15156 sour
WCC Ball Valves, Flanged, Self-Relieving, 16 inch, Body: CS WCC, Weight: 1027Kg, Torque Value: 6540 N.m, Top Flange: ISO 5211 F25.
WCB Floating Ball Valves, Split Body, 4 Inch, RF, Body: CS ASTM A 216, Trim: SS 316 -ASTM A351, 2 Piece Bolted, RF ends.
Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, F316L, BW, ANSI 900, 8 Inch, Service : Fuel Gas (Sour), NACE MR-0175/ISO 15156 (Latest Edition).
Trunnion Ball Valves, 600#, RB, RJ, 6 Inch,6 x 4inch, Testing & Inspection API-598; Visual Inspection : MSS-SP-55
Severe Service Ball Valves, Shut off, Class 900, 18 Inch, Body Material:FS, Ball: SS Solid, Seat Insert: Nylon, Spring: Inconel 625, Weight: 3075Kg, Torque Value: 24000 N.m
PN100 Ball Valves, Renewable Seat, DN300, Flgd, Radiography Test: 100%, Facing: Raised Face, Serated Finish, 250-500 Aarh, Renewable Seat, Flgd Ends.
LF3 Ball Valves, API6D, 20 Inch, 600#, Body: LF3, Ball: F304L+Tungsten Carbide Coating Sealing: Tungsten Carbide Coating, Solid Ball.
Ball Valves, Live Loaded Packing, LCB, 150#, Body: A352 LCB, Trim: F316, Seat: PTFE
LCB Ball Valves, Multi-Seal Seats, 600#, API 6D, 6 inch, body: LCB, Ball: LF2 + ENP, Stem: F6a, Sealing: Nylon, Multi-Seal Seats, Low temperature material LCB
F316L Ball Valves, Class 2500, Reduced Bore, RTJ, PEEK Seat, Secondary Metal To Metal
F60 Ball Valves, API6D, 20 Inch, 600#, With Secondary Metal To Metal, Top Flange: ISO 5211 F35 Weight(Kg): 2653 Kg.
Super Duplex Alloy F53 Ball Valves, ASTM A473 UNS S32750, 3PC, 150#, FB, Torque Value(N.m): 160N.m, ISO 5211 F10
Duplex Stainless Steel F52 Ball Valves, Trunnion, 900#, 8 Inch, Service, Fluid: Sour.
CF8C Ball Valves, High Temperature, 600#, 8 Inch, RTJ, Short Delivery, OEM Service.
Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valves, 3PC, 600 LB, 18 Inch, Carbon Steel WCB Body, Short Delivery, OEM Service.
Pipeline Ball Valves, API 6D, Full Bore, 300#, 16 Inch, Short Delivery, OEM Service.
Trunnion Ball Valve, Side Entry, API 6D, A105N, Full Bore, 18 Inch, Class 150.
Ball Valve, Bolted Body, A182 F51 Body & Trim, Soft Seat, 18 Inch, 600#.
Ball Valve, Nace Mr 0175, Forged Steel, F304 Trim, Full Bore, 3 Inch, 300 LB.
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