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Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valves

Category: Ball Valves
Product Line: Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valves
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Size range(s): 
2 - 20'' (15 - 500 mm) 
Pressure rating:
ASME Class 150 - 1500 


Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valves Features

• Low maintenance due to friction free opening and closing, which is excellent for frequent cycling
• Standard STELLITE 6 ball and seat sealing area
• 17-4PH Stem or better for longer service life
• Metal O-ring seat as request for reliable seal
• Single-seat design
• Top-entry design for in-line section or maintenance.
Metal to metal seat meeting zero leakage.

Orbit Rising Stem Ball Valve Structure

• Stainless steel O-ring Seat is a kind of flexible seat which provides the compensation seal between the ball and seat to ensure zero leakage at low pressure rating.
• During the open and close, the stem undergo the high force, thus it is very important to choose the right material of the stem which is able to suit that high force, 17-4PH is one of the good choice, which features yield strength of more than 860 Mpa and hardness strength between 250-360 Mpa.



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The orbit rising stem ball valves feature that mechanical (or cam) movement of the ball provides a friction free operation, eliminating wear between the sealing surfaces and extending the valve life. The combination of linear operation and friction free sealing provide a superior valve in demanding application including those requiring high cycles or quicker closing times. The features resulting from the rugged design make it suitable for both common and more difficult applications throughout the energy industry. As China Orbit rising stem ball valve manufacturer, we manufacture high quality orbit rising stem ball valves.

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