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Metal Seated Ball Valves

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metal seated floating ball valves


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Metal Seated Floating Ball Valves Features
• Bubble tight sealing up to 327 ºC and Class V up to 500 ºC
• Suitable for abrasive or sticking fluids
• Single direction seal or double seat seal upon request
• Low coefficient of friction, low torque
• Short delivery time

Meatal Seated Floating Ball Valves Material
• Body: WCB, CF8, A105 etc.
• Ball surface: A105+Stelite, A105+ W.B, A105+W.C, F304+Ni 60, F6a+Tungsten Carbide
• Seat surface: STL, W.C, W.B,4130+Tungsten carbide,Chromium Carbide

Treatment of Meatal Seal Surface
• HVOF: the hardness can reach 60~70HRC, the thickness of coating is 0.3~0.4mm. HVOF is becoming the main methods for metal seated ball and seat. It is suitable for sticking fluids, serving power generation, oil chemical and coal chemical industry etc. Meatal seated ball valves are also the fluid with dust or solid granular and corrosive fluid with HVOF.
Stelite Overlay: This craftwork is a little complexed and low efficient. Stelite overlay on large area may lead to distortion.
Plasma Nitrogen : The hardness can reach 50~55HRC;the thickness of coating is 0.20~0.40mm. This craftwork is an economic way for surface treatment of meatal seated ball valves, however it is not suitable for strong corrosive fluid.
Hard Chrome : The hardness can reach 40~55HRC; the thickness of coating is 0.07~0.10mm. This craftwork features high hardness, abrasion resistant, anti-corrosion and long period of bright. It is a little easy and low cost, however, it is not suitable for working temperature higher than 427℃.


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