Forged Steel Top Entry Ball Valve

Forged Steel Top Entry Ball Valve

Short Description:

A105 Top Entry Ball Valve, A105 or LF2, Top Entry, 600#, 4 Inch, OEM, Low Price

Key Specifications / Features

Product: LF2, A105 Top Entry Ball Valves, Forged Steel

Size: 2"-30"


Body: Forged steel A350-LF2-CL1

Bonnet: Forged steel A350-LF2-CL1

Ball: Forged steel A182-F304

Stem: Forged steel A182-F304

Trunnion: Forged steel A182-F304

Seat: Forged steel A182-F304

Seat insert: Nylon

O-ring: Vition

Gasket: SS304+graphite

Bare stem, Full bore, Solid ball, Fire durable,Flange ends.


1) One-piece valve body, top installed trunnion to fix and support, flanged or butt welded structure.

2) In coned bellows spring makes the sealed metal seat moving toward the ball,providing the two way seal function of inlet and outlet.

3) Distinctive technology of retractable valve seat,inline replace ability of ball arm,valve stem sealing ring,metal seat and bellows spring,and torque down to the minimum for the easy to operation.

4) Easy to repair and installation,long performance life.Access for repair and replacement of trims may be done with no need to remove the valve from the pipeline,thus to lengthen the service life. 

5) Low torque, reliable sealing, and spherical seat different from ordinary ball valves, which can automatically adjust the position of seal.

6) Preset platform and bolt holes for drie device, and to ISO5211.Drive device can be installed according to users' different requirments. 

7) DBB(double block and bleed) function.

8) Hand operated top installed ball valve adopts high strength one-piece ball arm structure to ensure the precise positioning of the ball.

9) Anti-blowout protective structure of valve stem to enhance the operational safety of the valve.

10) Manual,lever,bare stem and actuator operated (gearbox,electric, pneumatic,etc

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