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Check Valves

How to Choose The Right Check Valves?

Swing Check Valves are available in straight body design. The disc is suspended from the body by means of a hinge pin and seals against the seat which is integral with the body. Swing check valves can be installed in both horizontal and vertical position. They are not suitable for pulsating flow.
Closure response of swing check valve is slower compared to lift check valve due to longer disc travel and inertia of disc.

Piston Check valves are generally used to protect pumps or similar equipment, allowing the flow only in one direction and preventing flow reversal due to back pressure. The piston check valves are designed with globe valve bodies, producing an increased drop pressure in the pipeline. This design provides a tight seal as well as a fast reaction to the closure impulse. Metal seated check valves may not provide drop tight sealing when used in gas system or fluid system with low back flow pressure or fluids containing particles. 

Wafer Type Check Valves have short face-to-face dimensions and low weight allows a simple space saving installation between the companion flanges. The valves are suitable to mounting between weld neck or slip on type companion flanges of different standards.
They are specially developed for applications where a low-pressure loss is essential. Opening and closing of the valve will take place at an extremely low-pressure difference over the valve disc. The eccentric disc shaft combination with the disc seat guarantees a positive shut off returning media. Wafer check valves are becoming the preferred type of check valve for most applications, due to their compact design and relatively low cost.

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Check Valve Dimensions

Cast steel swing check valve Class 150
Cast steel swing check valve Class 300
Cast steel swing check valve Class 600
Cast steel swing check valve Class 1500

Forged steel check valve Class 150
Forged steel check valve Class 300
Forged steel check valve Class 600
Forged steel check valve Class 900
Forged steel check valve Class 1500
Forged steel check valve Class 2500
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