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Kinematic pair definition: direct contact with members consisting of two movable connection, which limits some relative movement between the two components, valves and seals deputy campaign is a concept, deputy of functional movement is to achieve on-off control, Sealing function is to ensure the sealing effect, valves and valve sealing pair deputy campaign together constitute the valve seals from valve manufacturer.

Deputy campaign not only on the valve has to participate in many mechanically has two members constitute a point of contact deputy campaign, lines and other elements are called kinematic pair elements. Deputy campaign a variety of classification methods:

1)In accordance with the contact form deputy campaign classification: face and motion in the lower sub-surface contact pressure contact portion, known as the low pair, and the dotted line is called high contact sports deputy, Vice easier than high low side wear .
2) According to the relative movement in the form of classification: the relative motion between the two members constitute deputy campaign plane motion if planar motion was deputy, if the space is called space motion movement pair, only a relative rotation between the two members The movement is called rotation deputy vice, only a relative movement between the two members of the movement called the move deputy.
3)According to deputy campaign introduced constraint Category: introducing a constraint deputy campaign deputy campaign called level deputy, introduced two constraints is called a secondary byproduct, as well as three, four, five deputy.
4) Classified according to the geometry of the contact section: can be divided into cylindrical deputy, Vice-plane and plane, spherical deputy, deputy spiral like.

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