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Eccentric semi-ball valve course inevitably there will be some small problems, if the problem is not you can do it yourself repair them, province to find valve manufacturers, pending repairs tedious process, here are a little eccentric half ball Matters maintenance should pay attention to, and we hope that we can help.

1)Must be identified on the eccentric semi-ball valve, after removing the pressure downstream pipeline has indeed to be demolished decomposition operation.
2) Must be taken to prevent damage to the parts of the sealing surface decomposition and re-assembly, especially when the non-metallic parts, O-rings should be taken when using special tools.
3) When the mounting bolts on the flange must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly tightened.
4) The cleaning agent should be compatible with the eccentric half ball rubber parts, plastic parts, metal parts and the working medium (such as gas) are. Working medium for the gas, available gasoline (API6D) to clean metal parts, non-metallic parts cleaning with pure water or alcohol.
5) Exploded down the individual parts can be cleaned by immersion mode, yet left down decomposition of non-metallic parts of the metal parts can be impregnated with fine Jie clean cleaning agent of silk (to avoid fiber loss adhered parts a) scrubbing shall adhere to the wall surface to remove all grease, dirt, rubber, dust and so on.
6) Non-metallic parts should be cleaned immediately after removal from the cleaning agent, not a long soak.
7) After cleaning the wall needed to be to be washed after volatile cleaning agent (not soaked cleaning agent available silk rub) for assembly, but not for a long time on hold, otherwise it will rust, dust pollution.
8) The new parts in the assembly also need clean water.
9) With grease lubrication, grease should all be compatible with the eccentric semi-ball valve of metal materials, rubber parts, plastic parts and the working medium. Working medium for the gas, can be used such as 221 special grease on the surface of the seal mounting groove is coated with a thin layer of grease, spread a thin layer of grease on the rubber seals, valve stem sealing surface and the friction surface coating a thin layer of grease.
10)The assembly should not allow metal fragments, fiber, fat (except the requirement to use) dust and other impurities and foreign matter contamination, adhere to or remain on the part surface or into the cavity.

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