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Fully welded ball valve body consists of six parts of the back cover off the assembly forged welded, compact, fully welded ball valve as one whole, there are many manufacturers of large diameter ball used mostly split three-piece construction, between the parts with bolts. Compared with the three-valve, in the case of the same intensity forging thickness welded ball valve can be made thin. Reduce the weight of the valve a quarter, and the pipeline increased resistance to bending and squeezing; by eliminating the body flange and bolts, reduced dimensions, but also eliminates a potential leak path, in addition, the valve body welded internal structure smooth curves, maintaining lubrication and pipe connections, no dead ends, medium fluidity. The main advantage of feature fully welded ball valve as follows:

1) Integral fully welded ball valve, there will be no external leakage and so on.
2) Since the fully welded ball valve seat is carbonized and added Teflon sealing ring springs, so that changes in pressure and temperature adaptability, in marked pressure and temperature range will not produce any discharge slip.
3) Fully welded ball valve Processing sphere detector with advanced computer tracking and detection, so the sphere of precision.
4) The fully welded ball valve body material with pipe material, it would not appear uneven stress, it will not go through because of the earthquake and ground vehicles and sometimes deformed, anti-aging pipelines.
5)The seal ring body with content 25% Carbon (carbon) in CPTFE material, will guarantee completely leak (0%).
6 Buried welded ball valve can be directly buried in the ground, do not build high large valve well, just set up a small shallow in the ground, saving construction costs and engineering time.
7) According to the construction and design requirements of piping, all-welded ball valve to adjust the height and length of the stem.
8) Fully welded ball valve ball very precise machining precision, easy operation, no adverse interference.
9) Use of advanced materials, energy security than PN25 pressure.
10) Compared with the same industry, the same kinds of product specifications, all-welded ball valve is small, and good looks.
11) In ensuring the normal operation of the valve, use, the fully welded ball valve factory warranty of 20 years.

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