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Discharge ball valve is a sphere with a circular passage for opening and closing pieces, turning ball with stem to realize the opening and closing movement of the valve, the opening and closing member is a porous sphere around the vertical axis of rotation in the channel, so as to achieve The purpose of opening and closing the channel. Discharge ball valve is a special structure of valve seat and the end face of the flange from the past, stranded less material, compact structure, excellent sealing performance for the chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical industry 11:50, also be used in particulate media valuables delivery. Use PPL sealing materials, more wear, toothpaste industry vacuum system cream pot discharge the best products.

As a function of the discharge valve in the reactor, at the bottom of tanks and other containers discharge, discharge, sampling, and no dead zone off the operating device. By means of a valve at the bottom of the flange welded to the bottom of the tank and other containers, thus eliminating the phenomenon of residual process medium is usually in the container export, discharge valve according to actual needs, put a flat bottom design type, V-shaped body and provides two modes of operation for lifting and lowering valve (which we called on Expansion and lower development type). Discharge valve performance and use: easy to operate, open free, flexible and reliable motion; simple valve assembly and maintenance, sealing reasonable structure, convenient and practical seal replacement. Structure: The main valve body, valve, seal, stem, frame, valve gland, hand wheels, flanges, nuts, screws and other parts. This type valve in the pipe should generally be installed horizontally.

Discharge valve in the use of relatively simple, according to operating conditions (pressure, medium, temperature, installation location, etc.) and various structural characteristics of the discharge valve, and select the appropriate discharge valve, and its mode of operation.

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