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Female connection ball valves are applicable for pipes of PN1.0-4.0 MPa, working temperature -29℃-180℃(PTFE sealing ring) or -29℃-300℃(PPL seal ring), used to cut off or get through the medium in pipeline. Besides, we design and manufacture valves responding to users’ actual working conditions and special requests by using different materials, they are applicable for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid etc.

Structure Features:
1. According to the structure of valve body, female connection ball valves are classified into one piece type, two piece type and three piece type.
2. Body and bonnet are processed with the advanced silicon casting technology for reasonable structure and elegant outline.
3. Resilient seal structure of valve seat for dependable seal and light open-close moment.
4. Bottom-mounted structure of valve stem for anti-blowout.
5. 90 on-off limit mechanism and locking device may be configured to avoid miss operation if requested by users.
6. ISO 5211 connection dimensions provided at the top of valve(by China valve supplier) to be connected pneumatic or electric by removing the handle.

Design and Manufacture: ASME B 16.34
Pressure and Temperature: ASME B 16.34
Thread Ends: ASEM B 16.25
Inspection & Test: API 598

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Jacket ball valves are mainly used in the industries of petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric power etc. t handle high viscosity medium that can be solidified at ordinary temperature. The jacket of ball valve is welded between the seal surfaces at both ends of the valve. On the side and at the bottom of the valve there are standard connection ports for jacket. Provided with a jacket, the types of end connection may be flanged and wafer. Steam or other heat insulating mediums may freely pass through the jacket, to ensure pasty mediums smoothly through the valve(supplied by China valve supplier).

Structure Features:
1. To prevent the pasty medium in pipeline from being solidified and to lower the heat loss of low-temperature medium in pipeline.
2. The carbon steel pipe welded jackets are more overpressure resistance and reliable than cast one.
3. Thanks to the conformity of valve diameter and pipe inside diameter, medium makes linear flow of low resistance, most suitable for easily solidified and highly viscous liquid mediums.
4. One-piece structure of ball valve body, small volume and light-weight compared with their counterparts.

Design and Manufacture: ASME B 16.34
Pressure and Temperature: ASME B 16.34
Flange Ends: ASEM B 16.5
Inspection & Test: API 598

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Four way ball valve is also called multi-way water service rotary valve serving power station and petrochemical system. They are applicable for circulating system of liquid, gas, dust, slurry and medium containing solid particles. For example, the forward and reverse circulating water supply system of unit cooler in power station. The conventional piping for forward and reverse circulating water supply has the defects of large occupation, high cost, complicated operation ( to operate four way valves for each changeover), for forward water supply, valve 1 and 3 to be opened and valve 2 and 4 to be closed, for reverse water supply, valve 2 and 4 to be opened and valve 1 and 3 to be closed. Use of four-way ball valve instead of conventional piping and valve group can simplify operational procedures, lower the cost, facilitate the control and improve its synchronisms.

Structure Features:

Designed to meet the process of forward and reserve water supply of coolers in electric power system, with suitable and dependable functions;
Top mounted fixed ball four-side seated valve core, with sound sealing performance, resistance to sand abrasion, and long life service.Electric and pneumatic operation (switch to hand operation if necessary);Facilitated control. Good information channel and operating interface between control cabinet and valve (by China gate valve supplier), and upper-level machine. If requested, automatic switch over of forward and reserves water supply may be actualized by a certain interval.


Design and Manufacture: ASME B 16.34

Pressure and Temperature: ASME B 16.24

Flange Ends: ASEM B 16.5

Inspection & Test: API 598


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Function & Structure Features of Three Way Ball Valves


Three-way ball valves are used to switch over, mix and devide the flow of corrosive or non-corrosive liquid, gas or powdery mediums. Upon opening and closing, the smooth flow chanel effects less pressure loss, making operation quite labor-saving and maintenance fairly easy. The five types of flow direction meet different technological requirements. It can be hand, air and electrically operated.

Structural Features:

  1. Valve seat can be designed(By China valve manufacturer) into four-side seated float ball and fixed ball, with smooth fluid state and reliable seal;
  2. The structure may be designed into side installed type and top installed type, with two way seal, no series flow upon switch over  of flow direction;
  3. Anti-blow-out design of valve stem;
  4. Antistatic design
  5. Two position ( ON and OFF) lockup design.

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Operation Principle & Structure Features of Orbit Ball Valve

Operation Principle
1. When closing the valve (Made by Relia valve – Professional valve supplier), turn the hand wheel to make stem lowered. The interaction between precision helical guide way and guide pin makes stem and ball rotating synchronously, and the ball rotating frictionless by 90 continue to turn the hand wheel to lower the stem, thus to make the ball and valve seat closely contacted.
2. When opening the valve, the interaction between pin and guide way will be acted on the stem, making the ball detached from the seat, and then rotating by 90. There is no friction between the seat and ball, which can lengthen the service life.

Structure Features:

1. Frictionless sealing structure, upon opening the valve, the ball(different from the ones of ball valve) will detached from the seat, and then rotating as there is no scraping between seal surfaces, which makes it quite durable.

2. Upon closing the valve, the interaction between the pin and guide way performs more dependable seal.
3. Upon closing the valve, the ball is kept a certain space from the seat during the process of rotation. With the rotation of the ball, flow rate will be reduced and flow velocity will be increased to make the seal faces clean.
4. Small volume, compact structure, easy operation and installation, in-line repair accessible, and long service life.
5. With electric or pneumatic device, remote control system be effected to deal with dangerous working conditions, thus to ensure personal safety.

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Features and Benefit of Lift Type Plug Valves

Lift type plug valve is a new kind of pipeline valve developed and designed by Zhejiang Relia Valve Co., Ltd. with the advanced technology introduced from aboard, being suitable for using in such industries as petroleum, chemistry, natural gas, metallurgy & mine, gas engineering, light & textile, shipping dock, foodstuff and environmental water treatment etc. to control, turn on, and cut off flow medium of pipeline.

Main structure features are as below:

  1. Soft seal structure is adopted with rigor contact of sealing surface, being reliable and with zero leakage.
  2. During operation process, there is no contact between sealing surfaces, without wear and tear and of long service life.
  3. There is the pressure balance device with the plug valve to prevent the system from abnormal increase of pressure and reduce instantaneous resistance of the plug valve(Manufactured by China valve supplier) as opening and closing.
  4. The opening and closing processes are evenly completed with two processing segments, and the journey of lift and drop is short, being convenient in operation. When closing the plug valve, it takes longer time to increase the pressure to avoid the water (oil) hammer as much as possible.
  5. There is a position indicator on the top of the plug valve, which shows clearly the opening and closing position of the plug valve to avoid mis-operation.
  6. The plug valve can be equipped with such actuators as manual, worm gear, pneumatic operator and electric operator to be easily to realize automatic control, being easy in operation and reliable in safety.

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The structure features of metal to metal seated lift type plug valves are as below:

1) Applicable data for the plug valve sounds higher. Different material selected suits different temperature. This kind of plug valve applies for temperature scope of 101 -505℃ and pressure rating of PN 2.0 Mpa-PN 4.2 Mpa.

2) During the operation, there is no contact between sealing surfaces and without wear and tear. The plug valve is able to bear washing out. The operation torque of the plug valve (Manufactured by China valve supplier) is tight, being with long service life.

3) The plug valve features the functions of double isolation, double bleeding and fire safety. There are pressure balance device or pressure balance balance orifice in between the valve cavity and inlet and outlet to prevent abnormal increase of pressure in the system under closing sate and reduce instantaneous resistance of the valve when opening and closing.

4)The opening and closing process consisits in thress steps, i.e., lift, turn, and descending journey is short, which is convenient to operate. In case of being with unleanness medium, it is available to avoid accumulation of the dirty. Meanwhile, it is also available to reduce washing out against sealing surfaces of the valve to prolong service life of the valve.

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The seal of the metal to metal seated lift type plug valve is a kind of force sealing structure, of which each of the two sealing sets can work. The usage of the valve is not restricted by the direction of pipeline medium, of which the details are shown in figure 2.

The body and plug adopt taper surface sealing, which is reliable in tightness performance, being extensive in applications. The sealing surface of both the body and plug are treated with different techniques to meet different working condition requirements. The sealing surface of body appears heave, being convenient for machining and cleaning and not easy to accumulate the medium with grain or crystal medium.

When the valve (Manufactured by China valve supplier) lies on closing position, the plug is lifted by stem to a certain height, the plug is devoiced from body sealing surface and then turns at 90° to the opening position, afterward, the stem continues to move down to push the plug to the position of closing, when both the sealing surface of body and plug are of contacting sate. The process of closing valve reserves the process of opening,.i.e., the plug applies press by stem to sealing surface of plug. Due to the taper sealing surface, it is easy to ensure tightness performance of the plug. This kind of plug valve is also called the valve without gap, i.e., is nogap between two sealing trim parts.

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                                                         Structure Features and Principle of Lift Type Plug Valves

There are varieties of structures for the lif type plug valves,which can be sorted as the soft seated and metal to metal seated based on different material. Theree are two kinds of basic action principles: one is that when the valve opens,the plug is lifted at definite height, and then the plug turns at 90°based till the valve is fully open. During the operation process, there is no wear and tear of the trim parts of the valve. The other is that based on the afore position,the plug goes down to the original opening position,in such a state, the trim parts are contacting.

Soft sealed lift type plug valves (Manufactured by Relia valve-China valve supplier).
1. Introduction on structure, features and action principle of the valve seat, up and bottom covers etc., of which the detailed structure is shown in Figure 1. The body adopts the structure of canister column, in which the surface is is hardened with differenttechniques to increase the hardness degree of the sealing surface and resistance performance of abrasion and corrosion of the valve to suit different working conditions. The plug is connected with sealing ring of seat by coattil groove structure,which is reliable in connection and ideal in accurate action.The soft sealing ring is embedded onto the seat by using special technique measures to avoid failing off. When the plug is on the closed position, as the plug is lifted upward, two seats with their sealing rings get limied by up and bottom covers and then sealing is devoiced from the body sealing surface due to the orbital action.After the sealing ring is completely devoiced from the body sealing surface, the plug with sealing ring seat turns at 90°to let the valve lay at opening state. When the plug valve closes, the plug moves down after the plug and seat sealing ring turns at 90°to bring the seat ring to be near the body sealing surface till the valve is under the state of totally sealed.

The main features of the plug valve (manufactured by China valve manufacturer) with this kind of structur are as below:

1) Soft seated structure is adopted, the contact between sealing surfaces sounds rigor and reliable with zero leakage.
2) During operation process, there is no contact between sealing surfaces. The plug valve appears no abrasion with long life surface.
3) The plug valve is with the function of double isolation, double bleeding, and fire safe. The plug valve is equipped with a pressure balance device to pervent the system from abnormal increase of pressure and to reduce the momentary resistance when the valve opens and closes.
4) The process of opening and closing is also averaged as two priods,which is convenient in operatio,but takes a bit longer time for closing to avoid as much as possible the phenomena of water hammer inside the pipelines.
5)This kind of plug valve can be maintained on line by disassembling the bottom cover to take out the sealing ring seats at the two sides of the plug for maintenance or replacement, which sounds simple and convenient.

By Kevin for Relia Valve – Valve manufacturer of China gate valve & China ball valve etc.



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          Operation Methods of Double Isolation Plug Valves

There are a lot of actuators to be equipped for double isolation plug valves.
1.Both plugs are with levers.
2.One plug is with lever, and the other is with handwheel.
3.Both plug are with handwheels.
4.Pneumatic,hydro, or electric actuators are available.(Options for one plug or two plugs)

Except for above mentioned contents, the gear box is also able to be equipped with various collocations.
A)Vertical handwheel
B)Horizontal handwheel
C)Altered/mixed horizontal handwheel
D)Handwheel at side of the plug valve, or the handwheel with same direction of that of the valve.


The variety of the combination ensures that the plug valves manufactured by us can be matched with existing limited space.
Customers should reminde us of what they prefer for the collocation equipment. When requiring gear operated,our stand collocation
is two pieces of vertical handwheels.

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By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve – Valve supplier of China gate valve & ball valve etc.