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Relia’s standard trunnion ball valves have been developed with incorporating many features according to the highest API 6D standards approved. Complete split boy and fully welded design offers manximum protection against line pressure and thermal distortion with long life and troble free performance.Relia is supplying its products to the crude oil transportation and processing, power engineering, water supply systems and process industries.

1. Seal features
Most types of ball valves(made by China ball valve manufacturer) are produced with spring-loaded seats. This spring load keeps the seat in contact with the ball even in absence of line pressure and makes very effecient seal at low line pressure. As line pressure increases, the seat area creates a piston effect which forces the seat against the ball, therefore a tight seal becomes effective. If the pressure is higher, the force exerted by the seat on the ball is increased by action f the pipeline pressure. Therefore, the higher the line pressure, the greater the piston action. Seats are available in PTFE, R-PTFE, NYLON or others.

2. Self Lubrication
Self lubrication, low friction PTFE is used for stem bearings, stem seals, and body seats. NYLON or other low friction materials are used for seat inserts. Self -lubricating seals and stem bearing give predictable operating torque for the life of the valves.

top entry ball valves

3. Fire safe construction with secondary metal seat.
Relia’s ball valves (made by China valve manufacturer) have been fire tested and can be supplied to API RP 6F and API 607. The soft seat inserts, irrespective of their materials, will possibly fail when subjected to sudden high temperature conditions. We provide fire-safe design which may substantially prevent leakages through seals when damaged by high temperature. The function of the seats before and after fire test is shown on the scheches. If the seat inserts are destroyed or bumed out, a metal to metal seal is formed between the lower diameter of the seat and ball, while the seat to body seals, the stem packing and the end connections to body seals are designed to resist high temperature and will remain undamaged. Third party certificates on “fire safe” design is available on request.

API 6D valve

4. Trunnion Mounting
Trunnion mounted stems absorb the thrust from line pressure, preventing excess friction between the ball and seats, so even at full rated working pressure, operating torque stays low.

5. Body vent and drain
The body cavity may be vented in both open and closed positon.


By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve – China valve supplier

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Straight Way Flow Bore Pattern of Plug Valves

The straight way flow bore of plug valves manufactured by Relia Valve (China valve supplier) are of many patterns, there are venturi pattern, standard pattern with straight bore, regular pattern, regular pattern and standard camber pattern with straight bore, among which the principal difference is the face to face dimensions, diameter and plug figure.


Venturi Pattern
The face to face dimensions of these valves are designed according to Britain and American standards to ensure inter-replacing of valves (from China valve manufacturer) among different standards. The plug bore of these valves(lubricated plug valve)are of reduced area, however, the center line position of the plug valves does not change, which generates in the valve body a Venturi action to increase the loss of flow velocity with big present. The result generated by this action is a corresponding low pressure drop. In this respect, the plug valves can be used in general pipeline, especially used for big size pipeline to reduce application cost.


By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve – China gate valve manufacturer

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The body material of the natural gas valve is very important. The unqualified material can cause the leakage or internal leakage of valve body and the seal; as well as the comprehensive performance, the degree of strength and rigidity of mechanical parts can not meet the use requirement and even rupture. Further more, it will lead to an explosion for the leaking of natural gas medium. Therefore, in the process of developing, designing and producing the gas valve, the material is the most critical problem.

In a word, understanding the development direction of  valve in the gas industry(decision-making and the development of specific products), and selecting them from the aspects of economic and practical use:

gas valve
1) To fully open and fully closed, you should mainly adopt China gate valve, butterfly valve and China ball valve. Gate valve is of flexible gate and pressure drain hole; therefore, at the export side of the valve, leakage will increase with the increasing of pressure (which is the fate of natural gas gate). But gate valve and butterfly valve are often used in the high pressure system of natural gas (300 pounds), because with the high-increasing usage, users are familiar to them, the early using-insecurity is eliminated. But the butterfly valve can only be used in the pipeline of low pressure system (150 lb). Ball valve, owing to its short operation time and small medium resistance, is usually used on the pipeline system of normal temperature in which it can play its advantages effectively.
2) To adjust the flow rate, you should mainly adopt the butterfly valve, globe valve and needle valve. Generally speaking, in large diameter and low pressure natural gas pipeline, Sichuan valve industry often uses butterfly valves and globe valves, which are easily to operate, and suit for small diameter pipe road, but the pressure before the valve is very different from that after the valve. Needle valve, is used when controlling the small flow is needed.
3) In order to prevent the reverse flow,  Relia valve(China valve supplier) is the best choice. Usually if the nominal diameter is less than DN40mm, you should use the lift check valve; if the nominal diameter is more than DN50 mm, you should use the swing check valve; and in the larger diameter pipe, you’d better use the special door separate check valve. For the gas valve, the general structure that would not loss its strength in the working- temperature of medium are allowed in many cases, but must adopt the material that have the necessary strength properties at medium temperature to manufacture the valve.

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Plug valve is a circumrotating valve (made by China valve manufacturer) with its closure part as a plug, which turns 90 degree with its through bore connecting to or apart from the same of the body to realize opening or closing. The figure of the plug valve can be made as column or taper.

Of the column plug valve, the flow bore gets rectangle in general, and that of the taper type plug valve, the flow bore is of trapezium. The figures mentioned have made the structure of plug valves legerity, however, certain loss is at the same time generated.


The plug valve(from China valve supplier) is mostly suitable for cutting off, truning on and distributing the flow medium. Sometime it can also be used for throttling based upon suitable medium and the erosion resistance property of the sealing surfaces. Due to the friction action between the sealing surfaces of the plug valves, whereas contact with the flow medium can be completed avoided as the valve is fully open. In this respect, the plug valve can also be used for the medium with suspend grains.

One of the important characteristics of the plug valve is that it is prone to fitting multi-center structure, so that one single plug valve (made by China plug valve manufacturer) can be designed with two, three, and even four different flow bores. The plug valvs are widely used in the applications of oil field exploitation, transportation, and refinery facility, while being extensively used for such general industries as petrochmical, chemistry, gas, natural gas, liquefied oil gas, and warming and traffics.


Lined plug valves without lubricant are used for application of petrochemical and chemistry industries, especially being used for the medium that is not allowed to be with lubricants.


By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve-Professional China gate valve supplier and lubricated plug valve manufacturer.


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DEC and SamSung of South Korea inspect Zigong and review China valve supplier – Huaxia valve On June 26, 6 people of DEC and SamSung of South Korea arrived at huaxia valve to investigate its qualification as a supplier.

DEC is the English abbreviation of China Dongfang electric Corporation (shorter form Dongfang electric), which is founded in 1984, and is one of the largest power generation equipment manufacturing and plant engineering contracting enterprises, one of 53 state-owned key leading enterprises which are designated by the state related to national security and national economic lifeline, is also the SASAC supervision enterprise of the State Council.

ball valve Helium Leakage Test

Samsung is the first big enterprise of South Korea, as well as a large multinational enterprise group, including numerous international affiliated enterprises. Its subsidiary company including Samsung electronics, Samsung products, Samsung Techwin , Samsung life insurance and etc., business involve in electronics, finance, mechanical, chemical, and many other fields.

The purpose of this review is to look for the China valve supplier of more than one thousand under low-pressure valve below 9.8 MPa which are needed by two unit projects–South Korea’s Samsung total package and DEC subcontracting of Kazakhstan power station. Enterprises (China valve manufacturer) which pass this evaluation can become the long-term strategic partners of Samsung in the future.

Unlike the Domestic Company concerned, the Samsung, with Fine management and strict examination, believes that as long as the process control is good the results can’t be bad. Therefore, the company emphasis more on the whole control from raw materials getting into the factory to product coming out. Thus, in the process of review, DEC and Samsung of South Korea has carried on the comprehensive review for Huaxia valve (China ball valve manufacturer) from the organization, financial, health, safety and environment, purchase, design, project management, quality control, production test and measurement equipment, delivery time, moral labor rights, ect, more than ten aspects, by the forms such as listening to the report, checking the report, deep into production line and so on. And they gave more attention to the main data of its purchasing reports, as well as the robust and normal operation of the quality assurance system.

Zigong  Valve factory


It is reported, currently, that Huaxia valve(China gate valve supplier) provide products mainly for thermal power industry, Petroleum and petrochemical industry and nuclear power industry. Petroleum and petrochemical industry is the largest field, accounting for about 95%, Petroleum and petrochemical and nuclear is about 5%. Huaxia valve is the important supplier of Eastern boiler, Shanghai boiler plant, Huaxia energy, Dongfang electric energy, and China united engineering cooperation. In addition to the domestic market, the products of the company are also sold to India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, etc.

According to the requirements of Samsung, Huaxia valve (manufacturer of cast steel gate valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, fully welded ball valve etc.) even provides many things in the site of assessment. Including the quality manual, program files and operation procedures; Qualifications and listing of NDE, welder, lab operation personnel and other personnel; Measuring instruments and testing equipment list, calibration certificate; List of equipment and plan/record of production equipment maintenance; Personnel training plan/records; Welding procedure qualification and report; The report of nonconforming product or nonconforming item; records of document distribution and recycling; Qualified supplier list and evaluation form; Contract review record; Quality control plan; Completed file; records of welding materials issue recycling and baking ; inspection records of raw material entering the factory; Nondestructive testing report, the heat treatment records and other documents such as internal audit, management review, and corrective and preventive actions report, etc.

The following graph is representatives of DEC and Samsung to review Huaxia valve.

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Recently, a seminar to discuss domestic applications and future market applications of safety valve has a successful ending in Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve Manufacturing CO. LTD. From Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and so on More than a dozen provinces customer representatives flocked together in company auditorium. Participants launched a heated discussion for the safety valve of the production and the current application in the past period time. All of them agreed that the quality of the relief valve is the enterprise production safety “umbrella”.

On behalf of clients, vice president of a Shandong Yantai gold smelting company made a speech, he think that nowadays enterprises choose to use a safety valve the most concerned about is not just the quality problem, more important is whether the valve can be used in different environment. He said:” because of our company need under the condition of high temperature roasting use safety valve, also need to be under the mining of deep well, so we functional have higher requirements for safety valve. Till now our company built many years of cooperative relationship with Wuyue Safety Valve and Zhejiang Relia Valve Co., Ltd., because of our strict requirements can be satisfied with their high quality safety valve.” The words sound just fell broke into a round of applause.
One of a technicist from a Jiangsu food processing plant also agreed:” nowadays single application of safety valve can’t meet market requirements, whether valve control is conducive to the operator and whether maintain of valve is convenience etc. are one of the main reference standard for clients for this problems are related to production. In this connection, Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve Manufacturing CO. LTD. and Zhejiang Relia Valve Co., Ltd are doing well.”

The seminar lasted more than three hours, attendees express and convey their own business ideas, finally techinicist Xu from Shanghai Wuyue Safety Valve made a summarize, he said: “ In face of the increasingly competitive market of safety valve, Shanghai Safety Valve factory and Zhejiang Relia Valve will always maintain a rigorous attitude for production and management of safety valve to produce high quality and 100% rest assured coefficient products; And continuously explore the safety valve in the new field, new materials applications. Through this communication meeting, we listen to the customers from all over the country, Shanghai Safety Valve and Zhejiang Relia Valve will make persistent efforts, and think seriously about your forward opinions and suggestions, then put your advice into the future production to produce more high-quality goods safety valve in the field of application, to provide customers with satisfactory service.” The seminar ended, the meeting lasting applause.

By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve-Professional  flexible wedge gate valvestainless steel gate valves & through conduit gate valves supplier.

China safety valve manufacture

China safety valve manufacture


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Cast Steel Gate Valves Figure Number System

  1. Size: inch or mm
  1. Operation type:

1-Bare stem 2-Chian-wheel operated  4-Spur gear operated   5-Cone gear operated   0-Hand wheel operated

  1. Valve type: Gate valve
  2. Pressure rating:

0-    PN 10  1-PN16 Class 150    2-PN 25     3-Class 300 4-PN40 Class 400  6-PN64 Class 600  9-Class 900 10-PN 100 15-Class 1500 16-PN 160 20-PN 200 25-Class 2500

  1. End connections: RF-Raised Face   FF-Flat face  MFM-Male and female face  TG-Tongue and groove face  RJ-Ring joint  BW-But weld  WF-Wafer type
  2. Structure type

0-Flexible wedge   1-Solid wedge  2-Solid double wedge  3-Parellel single disc

3T-Adjust type  3L-Adiverion hole type   4-Parellel double disc

  1. Body material:

C-WCB   C-C5   C6-WC6 C9-WC9 BL-LCB   CL-LCC

8-CF8   8M-CF8M   3-CF3   3M-CF3M  ML-Monel

  1. Seat material or Liner:

H-Cr13  E-18-8  R-Mo2Ti   D-Nitriding steel  M-monel alloy  Y-Hard face


For example

10” -5Z1RF0CH

Flexible wedge Gate valve,  10” ANS CLASS 150, Raised face ends,  body and bonnet: WCB, seat sealing face material: 13Cr, Cone gear operated


Gate valve, DN 80, PN25, Raised face ends, flexible wedge, body and bonnet and wedge: SS CF8, seat sealing face body machined, hand wheel operated.


By Kevin Tsai for Relia valve professional China valve supplier, China ball valve supplier and China gate valve supplier



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“At present, most of the national markets are leading by the prominent natives who live away from hometown. It’s not so hard to build a high–end industrial chain, if we can guide them to return to home and start a business.” The relevant person of Nan’ an Economic and Trade Administration point out that it’s promising to transform the advantages of sales channels into the advantages of valve industries.

Actually, such return already began. Participating the Plumbing and Pump & Valve Fair held in Luncang at the beginning of each year and the valve procurement event held in Yingdu is the required courses for the manufacture enterprises all over the country.

Return to Nan’ an, settle down in Nan’ an, becoming a new prospect of there. For example, Ouguan Valve Science And Technology Co., Ltd. moved back to Nan’ an from Wenzhou Zhejiang, setting up in Luncang’s High-Tech Zone and starting production.

Large valve enterprises

Because of gathering a large number of state-owned enterprises, both Beijing and Shanghai are the unshakeable mighty valve industry areas before. But it’s very encouraging to see that many valve enterprises of those two cities are attracted to Nan’ an by its reputation. For example, Shanghai Huhang Co., Ltd., which obtained more than 70 national patens, has branches all over the country. There are only 3 wholly owned subsidiaries, one of them is Quanzhou Huhang Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd. which established Fujian’s first Dynamic hydraulic performance testing center, and it’s also very rare in China. This testing center can provide comprehensive testing for Huhang’s water supply and drainage valves, including the mechanical performance and hydraulic performance. Another giant, one of the top 500 Chinese machinery enterprises, Beijing Valve Plant’s visit also made Nan’ an’s valve industry extremely excited.

“All of their clients are powerful central government-owned enterprises, such as PetroChina and Sinopec. Their arrival brings a lot of benefits, not only money, but technology, competent people and attention among the industry.” Liao Rongguang, the deputy secretary general of Fujian Plumbing & Bathroom Valve Industry Association, believe that Nan’ an valve industry itself already has the quite big strength. Allying with the large domestic enterprises contribute to exerting industrial integration advantages, developing technology content of products, accelerating industrial clusters’ upgrading.

By Kevin for Relia Valve-Professional China valve supplier, China ball valve supplier and China gate valve supplier

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Recently, Nanan Valve Industry becomes the new bright spot of Kitchen and Bath Industry Cluster once again.

The reporter learned from the industry that lately Many large valve leading enterprises, including Beijing valve factory and Suzhou high pressure valve, came to Nanan for inspection, and preparing for going in the base phase two of Hengban valve located in Yingdu, the important town of valve industry .The joining of the large industries, injected the cardiac stimulant to the slack valve industry of Nanan.

The bosses of Valve manufacturing enterprises with Yingdu and Luncang as its core get together once a month to hold Hercynian valve Salon.This has become a great event of Nanan valve industry. They discuss the topics of common concern together, such as process technology, market development, and industrial chain matching and so on. The reporter learned, that the salon attracted 28 member companies, all of them are the backbone enterprises of  Nanan valve.” Salon embodies all the expectation to revive Nanan valve industry.” The head of a local valve manufacturing companies said.

The convener of the salon is Li Shengli, the chairman of victory valve co., LTD. As a local senior person in the industry, he deeply felt the urgency to revive the valve industry. Going out to investigate the trends of other domestic region became his most important thing over the past two years. As early as in 2010, when Li Shengli together with a reporter visit Suzhou in a group, he has stated outright, “in recent years, the product of Nanan valve is more abundant, and has expanded from civil plumbing valves to industrial general valve. The manufacturing technology of valve industry, compared with other regions also favorably, some aspects are even in the leading position in the country.”

China valve gaints

Statistically, at present, Nanan valve enterprises have had more than 200 patents already, including more than 40 pieces of patent for invention, and possessing independent intellectual property rights became its major feature. Reviving the valve plate must continue to insist on self – create, develop the high-end product, set up the brand image, improve benefit through improving product technology content and autonomous brand awareness, rather than rely on imitation, plagiarism, or price competition to exchange the immediate interests.” We must build a exhibition center of  Nanan valve product, prepare for establishing a professional marketing group company of Valve products, fully show the image of Nanan valve industry and display the resources superiority in sales outlets of Nanan valve  .”On a recent salon, lots of consensuses have been reached.

By Kevin fro Relia Valve-Professional China valve supplier, China gate valve supplier and China ball valve supplier

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Connection of Body and Bonnet

Body and bonnet are connected by bolted flange, using different types of sealing gaskets of different material according to different pressure rating and service medium. Under special circumstances, our products may be made to middle flange sealing gasket of special types and materials if requested by users.

Pressure-tight Bonnet

Pressure-tightened bonnet sealing structure uses the pressure of medium to press out sealing ring, thus to effect self sealing. The higher the pressure of medium becomes, the better the performance of seal achieves.

Gate valves and globe valves of this structure are applicable for high-temperature and high pressure pipeline and devices, functioned as an operating device.


Flexible graphite is used for packing material, braided graphite, PTFE and other combined packing material can be also used if being requested by the customer.

Lantern Ring

Lantern ring and packing lubricated structure are available upon request by the customers.

Belleville Spring Loaded Packing Impacting System

Our company can also provide cast steel gate valve and globe valves with Belleville spring loaded packing impacting system and it will provide a contact compression over a long period, and will enhance the durability and reliability of the packing seal.

cast steel gate valves

The gate valves and globe valves can be made with different operation modes, mainly operated by handwheel, gear, chain wheel and electric device upon request. The valves are made with handwheel or gear operated according to the size and pressure rating if not specified by the customers. For request of polished rod valves, unless separately specified, the flange of drive unit coupling shall be chosen to table 1 according to the actual torque and thrust of valves, and flange connections to the speculations in Figure 1 and table 2.


By Kevin Tsai for Relia Valve-Professional China valve supplierChina gate valve & cast steel gate valve supplier.