Aluminium Bronze Gate Valve, Flanged

Aluminium Bronze Gate Valve, Flanged

Short Description:

Aluminium Bronze Gate Valve, C95800, AB2C, C70600, Flanged, STM A351 CF8M+ STL, Raised Face, API 600.

Key Specifications / Features

Title: Aluminium Bronze Gate Valve

Body: ASTM B148 C95800, AB2C, C70600, HTB1, B62, C95500, C83600

Others: C70600, C86500, C87600, C95400 etc.

Trim: Aluminium Bronze, Monel

Material, Stem : NI-AL-BRONZE

Face to Face : ASME B16.10

Ends: Flanged FF, RF

Design: API 600

Bore Type: Straight

Type of Gate : Flexible Wedge

Type of Stem : Outside Screw & Yoke

Service, Fluid : Sea Water

Size: 12 Inch (DN300)

Rating: ANSI Class 150

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