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Cryogenic Ball Valves

Cryogenic ball valves are used for low temperature or cryogenice service. Cryogenic ball valves are designed with extended stem, whose lenght is according to MESC SPE 77/200 or BS 6364. Our cryogenic ball valves are availble in side entry and top entry structure.
cryogenic ball valve

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Cryogenic Ball Valve Features

• Full port and conventional port optional
• Conventional port
• Blow-out proof stem
• Wrong operation prevention and locking design
• Anti-static device
• Extended bonnet for cryogenic service up to -196


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As China cryogenic ball valve supplier, we manufacture floating cryogenic ball valves, trunnion cryogenic ball valves and top entry cryogenic ball valves. Please feel free to email us at sales@reliavalve.com if you have any question about our cryogenic ball valves.

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